Uncle made me a sissy crossdresser

I'm 18 now, but have lived with my uncle in a remote part of the North American since I was 6. I was home schooled and rarely saw other people. In the winter we are on isolated for several months.

Before we went to country he did a lot
of shopping for me, several years worth of clothes. And a lot of things he did not show me. Soon we were home and winter set in. Then he started to make me a sissy. He started making me sleep in girls night clothes. And wear girls clothes during the day. I didn't want to, but he threw me naked in the snow and left me outside.

I cried and gave in, and did what he wanted. In three months passed and my hair was long and he cut it like a girls. He made me wear nail polish and forced me to pee sitting down.

By then I was sleeping in his bed, and he would finger my ass constantly. I would also have to j*** him off several times a day.

After my 7th birthday he said I was a pretty girl and said my name was now Sarah. I had to answer to that or be punished.

A year later he said Sarah, your 8, now you are old enough to use mouth on my c***. I was taught to suck and swallow.

From that point on I was simply his s** toy. He used me completely and constantly. He took my ass virginity on my 9th birthday.

By 11, I began having small o****** during a***. By 13, I came every time he ass f*** me.

I was fully a girl at that point. I couldn't even pee stand up any longer. I was small for a boy and feminine.

That year we went on a vacation, to the Caribbean, I had never seen a beach or even been so warm. I wore little bikinis and passed and acted fully as a girl.

On the trip, I found I wanted s** with my uncle. It felt so good for the first time and I enjoyed it. On the last night I said, I want to be a real girl for you, I want b****.

Which in time I had implant done, I'm a nice B cup now. He sucks them all the time, I c** from that now also.

My uncle forced me into being a sissy, but now I realize it was in me all the time. I want to be a girl. I want my uncle's c*** in my ass. I want to swallow his c**.

I love him, and wish we could get married.

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  • Love little boys dressed as girls but if you were 6 when it started I would have been using your mouth and p**** right away not waiting

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