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The other night my wife's parents came to visit, We were all going to attend a family wedding actually today but they had came a couple days early. We had spotted the inlaws rv along the side of our house so they could plug into power and that night my wife had asked me to go out and grab some stuff from the shed and I walked between my house and the inlaws rv.
The wife's parents had already headed to bed and I hadn't thought about how the floor plan was laid out in the rv but walking between the rv and the house I walked right past the bedroom, The blinds were up just a couple inches and I didn't even plan it but as I walked past I glanced over and my wife's mom was sitting on the bed facing the washroom door in just her panties, I stopped and took a quick peek but she had her back to me, She is your average mom, She is very pretty for 55 with a chubby bum and a normal mom body with the exception of the fact that she has quite a large rack on her, It has always been obvious that they are quite large but I have never seen more than cleavage and never a lot.
I went to the shed and grabbed the stuff my wife had asked for then she realized she forgot some stuff, She asked me to go back and this time I went the other way but on the way back curiosity got me and I went between again, I glanced in and my wife's mom was in the washroom with the door open and facing the mirror, I could see one of her b**** as she brushed her teeth and decided to stay where I was for a minute, After she brushed her teeth she rinsed and turned around and I was like Whoa!!! her b**** are bigger than I thought, Big and hangy but holy they are big for how big she is, She is only a little over 5 feet tall and around 140 ish pounds I would guess but those things have to weigh 10 pounds each.
Big, hangy, and big brown nips on them that are big and bumpy and oblong, I was standing off to the side in the dark so as not to be seen and thank god I had my phone on silent because I felt it vibrate in my back pocket, I stepped away and checked it and it was my wife she asked for one more thing and I told her I would grab it but was having a beer with the neighbor in his garage, She said "Ok" and I put my phone away stepping back into position, My wife's mom was standing in front of her dad who was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was squeezing her b**** making them wrinkle up and then he started biting and sucking on her big nips, She pushed his head away and opened the drawer grabbing a shirt.
My wife's dad stood up behind her and cupped her b**** and started groping them , She put her shirt on the night stand and turned to face him, They started kissing and she reached in his underwear jerking him as they kissed, I thought about walking away but couldn't break my gaze as I watched them make out, She turned him and sat him on the bed and pointed for him to lay down, He shuffled up on the bed and his head was by the window, I knew he wouldn't be able to see me but was concerned maybe she could but when she leaned forward and her big b**** hung down swaying as she jerked and stroked him I figured she wasn't paying attention, She bent down and licked her lips then went to work sucking my wife's dad's d***, He is a tall guy and not fat but a bigger guy and he definitely doesn't have a small d***, Probably a solid 7 or 8 incher and pretty thick too.
My wife's mom was sucking him off then stood up and peeled her panties off, she keeps a bit of bush but not as much as I kind of thought, A big, Wide V trimmed reasonably short and her bikini line shaved, I almost s*** myself as she crawled up on the bed, Spun around and straddled his face, I was like "Oh f***", Her ass was barely 2-3 feet from the window, Right there I could have reached out and stuck a finger in her if the window was open LOL. Being he was laying with his head by the window and she was facing the other way I wasn't too concerned about being seen so I got closer and was right there, She actually looks pretty nice from behind, she obviously shaves between her legs and doesn't have a lot of hair on her butt hole which is small and brown and wrinkly and I wouldn't say it gets used much if you get my drift, I was right there, up close and personal and watching as my wife's dad hooked his arms around her thighs and grabbed her ass cheeks, He started licking her and then slid a finger in her p****, Got it wet, Pulled it out and started rubbing her little bum hole with his middle finger.
I had to lean to the side to see her face but she was working up and down with her big b**** laying on his waist and she was doing a pretty good job of getting most of it in her mouth and I would say almost down her throat. I went back to watching her get licked and having her bum hole rubbed, He started putting pressure on it and she slapped his hand away, He went right back to it and she pulled his hand away, sat up and put her ass right over his face, he didn't even hesitate and buried his face in her ass cheeks, She was twisting her back a bit while he was obviously licking her butt and she was stroking him. She didn't do that very long before she got off him and laid on her back, He got on top of her and went to kiss her but she pushed his face away looking unimpressed, She lifted her knees and he got up on his toes and hands as she reached down and grabbed his c***.
She guided him in as he pushed forward and slid b**** deep in her, He stayed up on his hands and toes as he pulled out and slid back in, Her big b**** were flopped out to the sides and she gathered them up squeezing them together jiggling and shaking them as he slowly slid deep in and out of her, I was quite surprised when she took one of her big nipples and sucked on it as he sucked the other one, She put her knees down and he leaned far forward as he picked up the pace, She started moaning and wrapped her legs around his waist as he started hammering a bit harder and a bit faster, She was sucking her nipple hard stretching it out as she would suck it and let it slip out of her lips then suck it again, She tilted her head back and I could hear her moan "Faster...Faster...Right there" and then she slapped her arms down, grabbed the sheets and he sucked her one nipple lifting her big b*** as she moaned "Ooohhhh shhiiiiit" and thrust her hips forward and back as she came. She was still moaning as he pulled out and she lifted her head, He scrambled up beside her and she opened her mouth sucking him as he came, I could hear her moaning "Mmmhhmm, Mhhmmm" as she stroked him between swallows.
After she had sucked him dry she let his limp d*** slide out of her lips and they both laid back, she stretched and moaned and he got up and went to the bathroom, As she laid there waiting for her turn she looked down at her b**** and grabbed both nipples, She rolled them between her fingers as she smiled and moaned, She let them go and rubbed her hands back and forth over them and when he came out she went into the bathroom, That was when I left.
I went inside and made sure I had all the stuff my wife wanted then we crawled into bed, My wife was getting comfortable and had her book in her hand, Looked over and said "Ahem....What's that for" looking at my erection, I looked at her and said "I'm going to stick it in your mouth" and she looked shocked and said "Oh my god", I rolled on top of her and she was happy to let me, She slid down, I slid forward and f***** her mouth, I didn't last very long before she moaned made an Unimpressed moan and stroked my d*** fast as I shot my load in her mouth, When I pulled out and rolled over she said "Uh...Excuse me" so I rolled back on top of her, Lifted her legs and started licking her, I shoved my thumb in her p**** and when she was all hot and bothered I shoved my pointer finger in her bum, She doesn't let me do it often but she didn't put up any fight and within a couple minutes she grabbed her legs, held them up and came hard as I fingered both holes then she put her legs down, She rolled toward me and wrapped her arms around me moaning "Mmmm, That was great, Now go clean up", I washed my hands and came back to bed and she was asleep, I won't say I thought about her mom when I was f****** her mouth but I definitely didn't not think about her ;)

Sep 7, 2019

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  • I caught my inlaws once, MIL is a short, Cute, Chubby woman with giant b****, I missed all the good stuff but caught the last minute or so as he pulled out and came in her mouth, she got up and went to the bathroom with everything jiggling as she walked...Good to see they still bang and she still swallows.

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