Body transformation

I confess that I have this crazy fantasy. I’m a guy and I love fitness women. I love their bodies and how amazing they look in their sexy, girly gym clothes. I have this dream (fantasy) of me waking up in the morning feeling that in some way my body transformed into a gorgeous, beautiful fit girl. In my dream I felt so strong and ran to the mirror and my jaw dropped to the floor. I turned into this gorgeous brunette with amazing straight hair that goes to my shoulders. I can see every single muscle in my abs. My waist is tiny and my Back and shoulder are so wide. My butt is round and strong, my legs calves are pooping up. I flexed my guns in the mirror and they are the most amazing peaks that I ever seen, just by looking at this gorgeous transformation I came right there. If this will happen to me I’ll run a buy all those sexy sport bras, skin thigh leggings , spandex long sleeves shirts so I can see my amazing muscle trying to break true.

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  • So amazing dream. I can imagine with your amazing hot fitness girl body but and amazing c*** between your legs thick and huge. I’ll suck it true you spandex leggings until you c**.

  • ^OP responding to himself^ Not surprising, since he's so in love w/ himself

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