Story of the American Coast Guard

I joined the Coast Guard in 1975. I had barely graduated High School so college wasn't for me but I'd rather have the experiences that I'm relating to you than the whole college experience. I was through basic training and I was in a cutter patrolling the Alaskan coast. We spotted a Trawler that turned out to be Russian fishing in our waters just en miles off the coast of Alaska.

We approached the trawler which was very fancy and up to date and in fact better and better equipped overall than our fishing trawlers.

The trawler tried to get away but we fired a 20 mm shell across its bow and said via megaphone in Russian that the next shell would be in their hull at the waterline. We told them to prepare to be boarded.

They gave up and we boarded their ship. Their hull was full of American fish.

Our Captain was from Savannah Georgia and a good ol boy type man as long as you didn't cross him. He told the Russian crew they were under arrest and we cuffed their hands behind them and hauled their trawler into port.

The Russian government was contacted and they refused to pay the stiff fine our government placed on them. The Ruskies were told that they could kiss their trawler goodbye along with their crew.

In Nome Alaska, the Russian crew was placed in a hotel. Given food vouchers which included alcoholic beverages and they were treated like royalty. Free food and beer, vodka and whatever else they wanted on the US government tab. The prostitutes were also paid by the US government and the Ruskies had plenty of Eskimo girls to choose from.

Three years went by and the Ruskies paid for everything. The fine, the lodging, the food the p**** everything.

They were returned to their ship and away they sailed.


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