Whoring in Family

Since me and my wife lost our shop we have constantly been short of money. Thats when my wife started earning money as a callgirl. She did not w**** around just with guys I know and that payed good for it.

then one day her father came behind it by accident. he got to hear me on the cellphone making a date for her.

He and my wifes mom have been divorced by some years and he kind of blackmailed me into making a date for him with my wife.

We've had some guys who's families we know and who did not want to be known. when she was with them my wife wears a mask. So she could not see them and she said, it makes it much hotter for her.

So I made a mask-date for her with her own father. I know her well and I think she would never had agreed to f*** him voluntary.

So her father f***** her and of course payed for it. My wife afterwords told me, that this time it had been kind of special but she could not explain it. since this first time, her dad came nearly once a week and f***** his daughter. for me it is the hottest thing in my life!

Sorry, I'm not english!

Sep 10, 2019

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  • I liked the scene in Forest Gump where the mother went down to the school teacher to get Forest into school. Since the whole movie is Forest recounting his life while sitting on the bench, he must have known.

  • So nice. You know in some cultures she'd be killed. In some she'd just be raped and put up with it

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