What is happeneing

Three weeks ago my GF's parents were out of town and I was staying over at her place, I woke up when her older sister (20) came home drunk, She was making noise and went to her room across the hall, I could tell she had her light on and the door wasn't closed all the way so I snuck out of bed and peeked into her room, She was standing there looking at her closet swaying back and forth and then she puled her pants down and wasn't wearing any panties.
My GF is hot but her older sister is even hotter, Great butt, Big b**** and super pretty, I stood there watching her sway back and forth and stumble around as she got naked then she crawled onto her bed and her butt was pointed right at me, I could see her p**** and butt, Her big b**** were swaying back and forth while she got her pillows and blankets fixed then she sat down. She crossed her legs and was sitting texting on her phone, Took a selfie and tossed her phone on the bed, She was sitting half facing the door and I could see pretty much everything, She looked down at her p**** and then started playing with it just sitting up, Legs crossed, She kept hiccuping and breathing heavy from being drunk then she said "If you are (Hiccup) going to spy on me (Hiccup) at least be sneaky".
She looked up at the door so I opened it, She sat there looking at me and then said "Well, Close the f****** door" So I did, She looked at me and laid back so I whipped off my pants and f***** her, I was pounding her and she rolled onto her stomach, I started f****** her from behind and she kept grabbing my hand and taking it off her b*** and putting it on her bum, Finally she stopped, Looked back and said "Geez, take a hint...Put your thumb in my ass", I got my thumb wet and started fingering her bum with my thumb, She was reaching back rubbing herself and my b**** and then she came, When she was stopped coming she rolled onto her back again and I just started f****** her again, She said "In my mouth or I'll kick your ass".
I didn't know how to tell her I already came inside her but I knew I was going to come again so I didn't say anything.
I pulled out and she opened her mouth, I tried to come on her face but she shoved it in her mouth and held me there by the b**** until I was done, After i came she pulled back, Gasped for air and held my d*** saying "You have a pretty big d***", I said "Uh...Thanks?", She said "Ok, Get out". I went and crawled back in with my GF and in the morning we got up, Her sister was sleeping with her door open and I walked out first, I looked in and you could see her b****, My GF closed the door and giggled saying "Oh my god", I knew she had to go to her friends place when we got up and she said she would be right back, I was sitting on the couch messing with my phone when her sister came up and sat down.
She looked at me with her eye brows up and said "Have anything to say for yourself?", I said "Uhhh...I don't...Think so", She said "Uhhh, Where is *******?", I told her and she said "So...You spied on me...You cheated on my sister...You took advantage of me and came in my mouth", she sat there staring at me and then shrugged and said "Nothing?", I said "I don't know what you want me to say, You told me to come in your mouth, I already..." and in my head I realized I f***** up, She looked at me and said "Did you...You f*****...Did you come inside me?", I nodded and said "But before you told me to come in your mouth".
She put her head down and said "ahhhh F***, F***, F***", She looked at me and said "You weren't even wearing a rubber you f***** idiot", She got up and walked away and my GF came home, I was so scared she was going to tell my GF but I had to go, I texted her that night and my GF was fine so I assumed she didn't tell her, Around 10:00 I got a text from my GF sister that said "Outside now", I went outside and got into her car and she drove away, I was like "Uhhh, I uhhh", She pulled into the alley behind my house and just started right in on me.
She said "Ok, Number one...Last night never happened, For real, If you ever tell anyone and I mean anyone I'll cut your b**** off and shove em down your throat, You tell one of your pervy little friends that I always catch looking at my t*** and ass, You tell anyone or if my sister finds out EVER I will destroy your life forever" and then she just started at me.
I said "Yeah, Ok", she said "Ok, Number two...You're an idiot, really. No rubber what the f*** man, Please tell me you wear one when you f*** my sister because she is too young to get knocked up and plans on going to college next year", I just nodded and said "Yeah, That's the first time I haven't worn one" and she said "If I get knocked up know that it is not yours in any way shape or form because if I do it is Shawns and trust me he will kill you if he ever finds out you f***** me" I nodded and she said "Ok, So we understand each other?", I nodded and she nodded.
She said "Ok, Take your pants off", I was caught off guard and said "What?", She said "Hurry up" and whipped her shirt off, it was dark and I hadn't noticed she wasn't wearing a bra but we both quickly stripped and jumped in her back seat, She was laying back and had her legs up on the roof of her car while I was f****** her and she came, She put her legs down and said "Don't come in me", I nodded and she said "Don't you f****** come in me", I nodded and pulled out, She sat up and I stuck my d*** in her mouth, she was sucking so hard and squeezing my b**** so hard I didn't think I would have enough come left in me to get it hard for a week.
When we were done she sat up and said "Better", We started getting dressed and I kept trying to touch her b****, She slapped my hands away and said "Get your f****** clothes on", When I was dressed I looked at her and said "So...What" and she interrupted me saying "Get out, I have to go", I got out and went in the house, My mom looked at me and said "Where did you go?", I said "Uh...******'s sister came by to get some speakers for her car that i told her she could have so we went out back to the garage and I got them for her", My mom just said "Oh", I said "Good night" and so did she and I went to bed.
That was all that happened but I see her all the time, Last night I was at my GF's and she was texting her friend who had just got dumped and said she was going to go to her place for a bit but would be back, She left and I was watching tv when her sister came home, She asked where my sister was and I told her, She asked when she would be back and I told her I didn't know, I texted my GF and asked if I should wait for her or go home and she told me she would probably be there for a while so I might as well go home. He sister said "Ok, Come here" and took me to her room, She just whipped her pants off and bent over, I pulled my pants down and she said "No...Lick", I got on my knees and started licking her and she kept reaching back putting her hand under my chin pushing me up then put one knee on the bed and reached back, Lifted my head so I was licking her bum and said "Ahhh, Yeah, Do that" so I licked her bum while she fingered her self until she came and then she got on the bed and said "You can j*** off if you need to...Or...You could just...Go home and do it".
I didn't know what to do so I went home, I don't know what she is doing or what is going on but she doesn't even ask, she just tells. I don't want my GF to find out and I definitely don't want her BF to find out because he is huge and will kill me but she just keeps telling me what to do.

Sep 10, 2019

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  • Your her cuckold for as long as she won'ts you do as your told wait till she comes home from a date and needs licked cleaned you will learn to enjoy being her b****

  • She owns your ass now. Your life is no longer your own: it's hers.

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