Need your advice

I have this problem and I need your advice. Everytime my mom gets drunk she will go into a black out and then later she will pass out cold drunk sleeping. Here's my problem.. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked and I started to feel her up and take nude pictures of her. Soon I was able to experience s** with her and she never said anything about it to me so I keep on feeling her up and and have s** with her every single time she gets drunk. She gets so drunk I really don't think she reliezes her son is having s** with her. I can't seem to stop this behavior because I really enjoy having s** with her


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  • Your mom doesn't remember anything if she's in a blackout.
    Just c** in her mouth, she'll swallow it . . do NOT get her pregnant!

    In college I dated an alcoholic chick who was so forking cute I could NOT resist her. She would get blackout drunk and we'd have consensual s**. I'd have her blow me so when she woke up she would taste it all over again . . LOL
    FACT: She never knew what happened. I couldn't tell at the time if she was in a blackout so I had no idea what she'd remember the next morning after vomiting her guts up.

  • So what exactly is the problem? when you rape your mother, that IS what you are doing, do you c** inside of her? if so, i am sure that when she wakes up that she knows what is going on and just doesnt feel like telling you. in other words, i think she likes it. why not ask her when she is not drunk. say something like, when you come home drunk and pass out, i sorta rape you and was wondering if you knew it or not.

  • You aren't having s** with her. You're raping her. #sickfuck

  • There are many mothers and sons that enjoy a sexual relationship there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is important to ensure the s** is consensual, even if your mom is drunk.

  • Share those pictures!

  • I have the answer; move out already !

  • Oh, well at least you have a vivid imagination.

  • This is my real life story about when I was a teenager and Mom was drinking way to much. This is not fake at all it really happened back in the 70s when I was a kid. I swear to God

  • R/thathappened

  • Yes it's the God's honest truth

  • Did you keep lots of booze around so you could get her drunk and f*** her all the time?

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