My Boyfriend Is Stupid

My boyfriend is stupid! He cannot figure out that for the past 25 years I've been using him. For the past 25 years:
. He's driven a little over 1 hour to my house on Saturday for our standing Saturday date. He arrives in the late morning then goes back to his house late Saturday night making that hour long drive.
. When he arrives to my house he brings me gifts like flowers, new shoes, new dresses.
. He buys me lunch and dinner.
. On those rare occasions when I allow him to spend the night I make him sleep on the couch.
. One Saturday he was in severe pain from kidney stones. I called him a baby then I took him to the hospital.
. He would make that hour drive to my house and babysit my kid when I had to work on Saturdays.
. He paid for numerous vacations including my kid.
. One vacation I made him sleep in a separate hotel room.
. He wants to marry me but I refuse. Why should I when he does all these things for me.

He's so stupid to realize that I'm using him.

I'm the best!

Sep 10, 2019

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  • Your a dirty b**** who will never get a good man

  • You’re a total loser

  • B****

  • Yes you are, you need to get him to babysit and I will take you' out he can pay! We can stay in a fancy hotel and bill him for it

  • Yup, he sounds pretty darn stupid to do that for so long.

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