My dad spent $400 on baseball lessons but I didn’t want them

I’ve participated in this fall baseball league for years now. We practice fairly often, and we have games once a week. Whenever I’m there I feel out of place because all the other kids know each other and are way better than I am. I’m not an awful player, but I do so much worse for whatever reason in the league. I end up leaving each practice feeling worse and upset.

My dad, probably because I had done the league for years, signed me up again without me knowing. I was supposed to practice tonight but I just told him I was tired and stayed home. I’d feel worse if I were practicing.

It’s too late to drop out and get a refund, so that’s not an option. I know I should have told him a while ago how much I hate it but I didn’t and now the money is wasted. I don’t even know where he’s getting a spare $400 from, money is fairly tight. I don’t want to go but I certainly just don’t want to tell him that. So I think I’m just gonna suck it up.

It just upsets me that I’m wasting his money, I guess.

Sep 11, 2019

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  • I had my son in little league in our town. He didn't love it and didn't know any of the kids either ( he went to school in another district). He was good at it and kept playing because I wanted him to. I wanted him to because he was the shy quiet type and was hoping he would come out of his shell and make some new friends. He would never tell me he didn't want too but I knew. When he was 12 I asked him if he wanted to continue and of course he said no. I was disappointed and not surprised. I felt at 12 he should be able to make some of these decisions for himself. Maybe your father will come to that conclusion too. Most do eventually.

  • Tell your dad that baseball isn't your thing. He might be a little heartbroken or upset, but it is better to get it out in the open. A lot of parents get their kids into activities that they don't like, but he is just trying to expose you to different things, and chances are that he likes watching you play. He probably likes baseball himself. He'll realize that you are in to other things and that it is not meant to be. He'll save a few bucks maybe not this year, but in the future.

  • Parents do a lot for their kids.

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