I ERP behind my boyfriend's back.

My boyfriend doesn't have a s** drive, nearly at all. So I turn to videogames and fourmboards to ease my nymphomania. I've made a consistant meetup with someone from World of Warcraft and ERP with them on the regular. They're so much better at s** and are as dirty as I can humanly like. I don't think I want to stop, but I also love my boyfriend. Yet at the same time, this intersex girl really knows how to f*** and make me scream.

Sep 14, 2019

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  • There's nothing wrong with that. Not at all. I have cheated multiple times on my boyfriend IRL and I always hate myself for days afterwards. I mean I love the better s**, and I desperately need the extra attention, but I hate myself and always am afraid that he is going to find out what's up and maybe even find out that I've gotten with three of his friends.

  • WFT ERP?

  • Erotic Role Play

  • Maybe your boyfriends s** drive is somehow associated with your attractiveness.

  • Your lack of it, is what i meant

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