Is it wrong to have incestuous thoughts?

I always wonder what it would be like to have s** with my mum or sister. Am i wrong to think this way?



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  • My mother told me that having s** with your son or mother is only wrong if you get caught. And we have never been caught, it's only for the sexual pleasure. It's a great relationship without the emotional drama of a conventional relationship. No jealousy if I f*** another woman, no fear of leaving the relationship for a different person. Just purely for the kinky incestuous s**, I love f****** my mother.

  • It's never wrong and your mum is right that it's wrong according to society's negative view on incest. But I think society has got to consider that not all family s** is bad. I've made love to my mum many times and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Incest should be legalized and people need to be more open minded.

  • Opinions vary widely. In my opinion, no, it is not wrong to think of having s** with your mother or sister. I have thought about having s** with my mother and sister (and cousins) for many years.

  • Every body has taboo thoughts mine started when I watched my parents having s** I was on my college break, I went out to meet my friends I got as far as the bus stop when I found out I didn't have my purse so I had to walk back home, as I walked upstairs, I herd something I have never herd before I couldn't believe my ears it was my mother repeatedly saying f*** me plus dad was talking dirty calling my a filthy c***, I know I shouldn't have but I spied on them I could in the wardrobe mirror, I realised I was wet with seeing dads d*** disappearing in mums v*****, I wanted to go in and join in I wanted my dads d*** I was jealous of mum

  • I had a mom and I always loved and respected her privacy , but I should have told her that she was being spied on by my pervert big brother , ( when she took a shower )
    ( that F-ing four eyed Geek , I hate him , I hate him )
    ( I should have murdered my big brother long time ago )

    But yes if your mom and sister are hot , tell them so that you can get mental help , don’t suffer with Your mental illness like I did , go on some medication and antidepressants and get help for your illness before it eats you alive inside and you are nothing but a great big nobody , get help and move on with your life and be happy , don’t live in the past , you will never get over it or you will die Lonely and alone and in total Isolation and you will never have a future .

  • Hi, I don't have a mental illness at all and I certainly don't need medication. Don't really understand why you would think I have a mental illness?? And who says I'm lonely, I'm a married man. But just because I'm married, it doesn't mean I can't have sexual thoughts about other people. I think you pass judgement too quickly.

  • I don't think it is wrong. One may be sexually attracted to any of one's family members. And this might be rewarding if the attraction is turned to consensual s**.

  • Thanks for your comment, I've been attracted to my mum and sister for many years and this attraction has never gone away. I can't help thinking I may of missed opportunities in the past.

  • Not sure about mum or sis but my 8 yr old cousin was nice n tight

  • Thanks for the comment but s** should never be with young children

  • Today we live in a very judgemental world.

  • Hi thanks for the comment, I agree the world is too judgemental.

  • Wrong no. Gross yes.

  • Hi thanks for your input, could you elaborate? Interested in why you said why said it wasn't wrong and then said it was gross.

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