Is our daughter a nymphomaniac?

Its true, we have kind of a problem with our daughter.
The first time we became aware oft something going wrong was after a family meeting. My wife got a call from her sister. She and her family have been with us during the meeting and she told my wife, she found a girls slip in the bag of one of her sons and first he, then even his younger brother confessed, that our daughter went down on them and had sucked both c****, sometimes at the same time.

At first we did not believe, but my wifes sister has ever been serious and no storyteller. So we became suspiciously. And we caught her some days later. she had come home from school with some classmates and went straight to her room. we waited a while, then my wife took some cookies and went to her room. she only knocked soft and then entered.

It was no shock, as she told me afterwards. She could not describe it clearly. She stood there and looked at the scene. The female friend of our daughter was between her legs, licking her c*** while the boy, who we later got to know, was the boyfriend of the girl, was standing above our daughter and she had his c*** deep in her mouth.

I will be honest, in some kind it made me a bit h****, when my wife told me about it. And yes, I thought about, what my wife might have meaned with "deep". I know, I'm sometimes a s** craving a******.

The young couple, by the way, our daughter will be 14 in some months and the couple might have been the same age, disappeared as fast as they were clothed again. And we got our daughter and started havin a talk with her. Even about the call from her aunt.

It all was reality. Our daughter had given her virginity to a 60 year old neighbor at the age 12. And she swore, that he did not do her, it was her who wanted it. she thought of him being alone for such a long time, and wanted to do him some good. How could she just think like that.

She told us and I think, it made her hot, speaking that open with us, because she started to move restlessly back and forth. She told us in details, how he teached her to suck his c***. She had done it before (to young boys), but not to anyone who knew how it went right. She told us proudly, that she did suck the old mans c*** three times that afternoon. And as she said it has not been the only time.

We asked her and she told us, the first time she got naked with a boy, war at 10 with a boy some houses down the street. it started with showm me yours... The boy has been 13 then and he showed her, as she said, what his dad always does to his mom. She hat to lay down, spread her legs and he started licking her c***, her c*******. It has been the first time and she has been hooked from then on.

We haven been shocked as she told us, they did it nearly each day over the whole summer. A girl of 10!!! But then the family moved to another town. Our daughter seemed to like to tell these things to us or she was relieved to get it from her back. She told us, how she next seduced her math tutor. A resigned teacher of her school.

She described how easy it has been. She has been alone with him, his wife out of the house shopping. She just got up and got naked in front of him. He first got angry but when she took his hand and placed it between her legs, she got him (her words). Some minutes later, she learned, what 69 means.

With the boy before she always swallowed his c**, as she told. Maybe because the boy had wached his parents doing it that way. It has not been a topic at all. So she swallowed the teachers c** too and he made big eyes. His wife never did that, he said.

She did him at each chance. It only was possible, when his wife was out of the way. Beside she started doing some boys. Out of her class and upper grades. Just enough as she needed and not so much for her to be known – as she called it – the school c** dump.

My wife asked, what it was about what her sister told, our girls aunt. What happened with the 2 Boys. Our daughter told absolutely cool, that they have never had s** before. They even not masturbated upto that day because they had been told by their parents that ist bad and they will become sick of it. So she had to prove them, that it was bullshit (her words).

I must confess, I sat there in the kitchen beside my wife and I did sweat. I had such a hardon in my pants, it hurt. Me and my wife changed looks and I thought I could see, she was the same. She put one hand on the bulge in my pants while we listened on. The oldest of our 2 nephews is 12 (nearly 13), the younger just 10. Our daughter continued to tell, that sie pulled off her clothes and when the boys saw, they did the same. She let both touch her small T*** and allowed then to finger her between her spread legs.

She started to suck the older and he quickly came in her mouth. She did the other but he only had a dry c** but doing that, she was their hero (wonderwoman, as they called her). She teached the younger to lick her while she went on doing his brother. She proudly told, the boy came 3 times in her mouth before she had her first o*****. She laughed and told it must have been the to childish behaviour of the 10 year old. He had to learn first to do it right.

Our daughter could not see, because she sat on the other side of the table, but my wife had my c*** out of my pants, jerking my c*** and I had my hand under her skirt. Might sound like a joke, but it has been much better than looking at p*** on the internet! Our daughter sat in front of uns and looked from one to the other. Kind of „You see, I am old enough!“ and lot of provocative.

Deep in me grew the suspicion, our daugher might be ill. We sent her to her room and she seemed a bit disappointed, but went. When we heard her door close, I was between my wifes legs and we f***** like crazy.


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  • Lucky 60 yr old getting to f*** a 12 yr old I would love to f*** a young girl, I f***** an 8 yr old but I was younger then

  • I have always bin trund on by the thought of taboo s** message me on Gmail or Hangout if u r willing to tell me about it or show picks on if u live in ohio and won't to havle 3 way or 1on1

  • After I had s** with a boy who was kinda a boyfriend my sister got me birth control. I was having s** like almost every day sometimes. One boy told me that he thinks I'm a nympho, but a really cute and cool one, whatever that means?

  • OP: I have learned, that the problem of a true nymphomaniac is, that they are h**** all the time aber can't get an o*****. By the time I learn more and more about it.

  • Here's a response you posted a month ago . It hardly matches up with this latest drivel.

    "All I can say is I hope you and Melanie are very happy together.And one day When I am a father I would love to have the same relationship that you do with yours.I would like to talk more with you if you want?I'll leave my email here drangonriderwill @"

  • How does it not match up? Just because I didn't mention That I was studying therapy in that post?

  • "And one day When I am a father"

  • Because I am studying therapy doesn't mean I am old.

  • OP: Thats not from me! Fake post!

  • If this is real yes she has a problem that needs professional attn but so do you as well.

  • Hello could I talk to your daughter?I am starting to study therapy and would love to talk with her

  • You can reach me at dran gonrider will@proton mail. com no spaces

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