I keep flirting with my sister! I think?

After meeting up with my sister recently, we have been texting each other quite frequently. During these texting conversations I told her that she didn't need to lose any weight and that she looked amazing in her jeans. Is that flirting? Would appreciate your opinions.

Sep 21, 2019

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  • The question really could be if YOU think it's flirting? Did you get aroused by using the word "amazing," or did she? Tone of voice also could be considered too, just as written though seems harmless.

  • Fake and gay

  • It's a little flirtatious but nothing to worry about

  • Yes. I did that with my sister Amy who is chubby and 3 years younger than me. I kept it up for months. Then I took her to her freshman prom at our high.

    I focus on her only and made her feel like a princess. On the way home we drove to a secluded park. And i started kissing her, she gave in at once.

    We ended up naked in the back seat and I ate her p****. I was very hard and we made love and I took her virginity.

    It 10 years later and we are still together. Two years after we started Mom walked in our room while we were having s**.

    Mom just said "Keep going". She watch until I came in Amy. Then left.

    When we went to the living room, mom was there. And said, How long has this been happening? I said 2 years. Do you love each other? We said yes. Then she asked how often do you two have s**? Amy said usually 3 times a day, Jimmy c** in me I like it that way.

    Mom said, Well Any you need to go on the pill.

    Mom never spoke about it again, but changed our twin beds to a full size.

    I love Amy and we want to have children.

  • Kill yourselves

  • Interesting opinion, f*******! But I think I'd rather try and f*** my sister, if you don't mind.

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