I keep flirting with my sister! I think?

After meeting up with my sister recently, we have been texting each other quite frequently. During these texting conversations I told her that she didn't need to lose any weight and that she looked amazing in her jeans. Is that flirting? Would appreciate your opinions.

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  • Fake and gay

  • No, actually a real confession for a change! ;)

  • It's a little flirtatious but nothing to worry about

  • Yes. I did that with my sister Amy who is chubby and 3 years younger than me. I kept it up for months. Then I took her to her freshman prom at our high.

    I focus on her only and made her feel like a princess. On the way home we drove to a secluded park. And i started kissing her, she gave in at once.

    We ended up naked in the back seat and I ate her p****. I was very hard and we made love and I took her virginity.

    It 10 years later and we are still together. Two years after we started Mom walked in our room while we were having s**.

    Mom just said "Keep going". She watch until I came in Amy. Then left.

    When we went to the living room, mom was there. And said, How long has this been happening? I said 2 years. Do you love each other? We said yes. Then she asked how often do you two have s**? Amy said usually 3 times a day, Jimmy c** in me I like it that way.

    Mom said, Well Any you need to go on the pill.

    Mom never spoke about it again, but changed our twin beds to a full size.

    I love Amy and we want to have children.

  • Kill yourselves

  • Interesting opinion, f*******! But I think I'd rather try and f*** my sister, if you don't mind.

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