My son and my sister

I and my three children moved with my sister and her husband for one year. My husband and I were having tough times and I needed a a break. Her husband is pretty nice and loving. It didn’t take too much for me to fantasize about him and he ended up in my bed. I had a hang over after the first time but I figured I deserved it and after all I was going to go back to my husband in a year. Of course we kept it totally secret. I was ready whenever he was and we did it most of the time in my bed when she was playing the nice auntie roll with my kids in another room, but we also did it in other places like over the kitchen countertop when she was taking my kids out. It was a very nice experience, he enjoyed it a lot, he told me my sister’s drive hasn’t been to strong lately in her menopause. One day after we had just had a quickie in my bed we heard noises from her bedroom. It was clearly a woman kind of moaning. He couldn’t understand but told me it must be my son with his girlfriend. He opened the door to surprise him but he was the surprised. It was my son, but with my sister.



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  • It happens, my friend had a fling with his aunt and it lasted about a year.

  • Dang what are the odds of that lol

  • That happened because you've been providing such a stellar example. Congratulations.

  • Build up a good 3- or 4-some within the family to f*** at will. No one will be offended this way as the situation will be consensual.

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