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I am a female adult student studying human behaviour at university. I am currently particularly interested in why some women are bringing sexual abuse cases to court now from experiences as long ago as their childhood, perhaps as long ago as 40 or 50 years ago.
I have just read an account of one woman who in court told the assembled lawyers and the judge that she enjoyed the molestation from the age of 12 at the time. Her molester who is now in his late seventies was sentenced to 16 years in prison.So what has changed in her mind in all those years since then?

There seems to be a lot of cases similar to this being brought currently, almost a trend. I realise that of course there are exceptional cases where the abuse is nasty or below the age of puberty, but there is an age that many girls reach that their sexual feelings are so powerful that they are almost uncontrollable.

I would be interested to have some comments about this.

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  • I agree with the posts written so far but one thing is missing...Political Agenda! This seems to be a favorite way for liberal democrats to destroy anyone on the conservative right, or republican party. Bill Clinton got a pass for his sexual indescretions, but look at Herman Caine in 2011, the first Trump Supreme Court appointee, Trump himself and a host of other republicans seeking political offices in congress. Something to consider.

  • Funny how you are so willfully biased. Then again, Republicans ARE masters at screeching about and making legislation against the very activities they themselves enjoy when they think no one important can see. As one example: When was the last time an anti-gay Democrat got caught cruising an airport restroom? Take your time answering.

  • I once experienced a sexually precocious 10 year old girl and understand how a man could be seduced. I was happily married and attending a backyard BBQ with long-time friends. I was wearing shorts and their daughter, wearing a short skirt with cotton panties came to sit on my bare leg. She began swaying to the music.
    Before long, she seemed to be tilting her pelvis and rubbing v**** against my leg. This made me uncomfortable and my c*** began to swell. Her mother noticed her and came to carry her away, apologizing, "Sorry, she's at that age now." She left a wet spot on my thigh.

  • Ok yes u r doin really good just dont stress urself lemme lick ur puss

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  • I think we need to understand they are maturing earlier now and they have access to sites (p***, social media etc) and they are curious about stuff at a much earlier age. i am not condoning intercourse with younger kids but if they are curious and want sucky sucky licky licky or touching as long as it is NOT forced and at ANYTIME no means no and stop means STOP NOW I see nothing wrong, of course the risk is all on the other person as we see many many times they say yes it's ok then turn around and report it
    I remember my dad telling me long ago he stopped to pick up a female hitchhiker, she got in the car and wanted my dad to take her much further than he was going, once he said he could take her part of the way she said " I have your plate # and if you don't take me anywhere I want I will tear my clothes and tell the police you tried to rape me"

  • I for one am a 50 year old male. My relationship with my family is nonexistent because of false allegations. Ever since the me too movement. I have a sister who is two years younger then I telling the whole family and any body that will listen, that I molested her from the time she was 10 to 15. So 40 years after this was supposed to have happened she has turned everyone against me. I never laid a hand on her ever. Indo understand in some cases why women come out so many years later. Abuse or molestation is wrong in any manner. But to be falsely accused is very damaging. I really hope and wish if women were ever abused or molested they had some proof before ruining someone's life. I just know it's a matter of time before she tries to take legal action against me, she will lose, but the damage is done.

  • >> I really hope and wish if women were ever abused or molested they had some proof before ruining someone's life.

    If it were only that easy. There often isn't tangible proof (except maybe DNA, but a lot of the time not even then). Even if there is, finding someone who will take you seriously can be like hunting unicorns.

    I am sorry this is happening to you-- it's a s***** situation in both directions.

    I've known men who were baselessly accused and women who were legitimately assaulted but couldn't get anyone to listen to them. It just sucks all around.

  • I believe there are multiple different reasons and most of them are specific to the individual, so to generalize the whole thing is probably not a good practice (not saying you are, just saying)

    I believe some women do it for political reasons or to be vindictive. In the case of Dr. Ford against Kavanaugh, she did it for a political agenda to discredit someone in a rival party.

    There are also those women who were too scared to come forward. Now they are empowered to come forward.

    Then there are those women who have been convinced they were victims even when they weren't. Either by false imprinting or by convincing the women they were a victim when their boyfriend was 18 and they were 16.

    Like I said, each case is unique and shouldn't be generalized. I would recommend that ALL women fight against false allegations, as it only hurts the validity of the cause in the long run.

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