Stomach/belly sitting

Iam from south india and i like big fat woman with big soft belly. I would love to massage their body with oil and sit and straddle on their big soft belly and f*** their big b****. Any womens intrested please inbox me at

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  • It is nice that you like to sit on a fat woman's soft belly. I like to d0 that myself.. In fact I prefer to sit on a fat woman because they can support my weight without much difficulty where a smaller woman cannot. I once sat on a woman's stomach who only weighed 50 kg. and she could only take it for about two minutes. But I regularly sit on a woman who weighs over 140 kg and she can take it for hours. In fact she enjoys it. And I get a lot of pleasure out of riding her soft belly.

  • Stomach sitting is one of my favorite pastimes. Either sitting on or being sat on by a woman. I got started after my divorce. I had been dating this woman for about two years when I invited this woman to sit on my stomach. She did and it felt so good to have her up close and personal. I've been doing it a lot ever since. With all sizes and weights. No woman is too small or heavy. Then I decided to see what it was like to sit on a woman. I found one that was willing. I sat on top of her and she let out a little gasp. I sat on her for several minutes and she was able to bear my weight just fine and even seemed to enjoy it. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

  • Was she breathing

  • What is it with all the P A K I S and the belly sitting punching stuff??!!!

  • Need more details of your kink!!

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