Boyfriend and his mates play with me, my brother joined in too

I started having my s** with my boyfriend before I left school, I'd always fancied his mates and his older brother's

I'd always fantasized about having group s** with them, I told my boyfriend my guilty secret after he said he wanted to have s** with my sister's and mum together,

I wasn't bothered by his ultimate naughty wish,, as mine was almost the same, he was a bit taken aback when I said i wanted him and his brothers or friends to share me round,

Over time he told all his mates what I said that night, lots of jokes were made about it, and I quite enjoyed the lads knowing after a while.

One night after the pub invited my boyfriend and mates to mine as my parents were away, my brother was home, he was 5 years older and a bit of a geek, he was single and never really had a real girlfriend.

So we was messing around, we got my brother out of his bedroom, the lads were letting him look down one of their girlfriend's low cut tops, after an hour a few left leaving me the only girl with my boyfriend and 3 of his mates. As soon as the girls went, they started asking about my group s** fantasy.

My boyfriend was egging me on to try it tonight, I didn't feel comfortable with my brother hearing all this, the lads started to chant " do it! do it!, It was good fun, and even my brother joined in the chant.

My boyfriend said how about we all massage you together we'll all stay dressed
its just for a laugh.

I couldn't see any harm in it so I agreed.

Lay on the floor and we will have an arm or leg each, I payed there and they came over, I felt 2 lads massage my thigh, I had a skirt and black tights on.

My bloke then lifted one of my arms and said let's take her to her room, I couldn't help but enjoy being carried by four men to bed, my brother helped them get me upstairs.
My bloke knows ii get really h**** when I'm drunk,
And he told his mates as they struggled up to my room, they layed me down on my back, he asked them to leave and he shut the door behind them
it was obvious that notveveryonee had left the room, he started to undress me, I felt a few pairs of hands gently taking off my clothes, It was dark no one could see much, so I just enjoyed feeling sexy while trying to guess who's hands were who's.

In a minute or two I was in just my bra and knickers I felt so h**** having been undressed by a group of men.
My boyfriend said I'm not sure if we should carry on, she'll probably kill me for this tomorrow morning, I laughed out loud and said I saying something like I probably won't remember anything anyway, it was obvious I wanted more after I said that..
They took my knickers off they were rubbing the insides of my thighs up to my wet p****, I heard my brother's distinctive cough, he was in there too!!
I felt someone unclip my bra, he coughed again, it was my brother taking my bra off, I didn't like the idea of my older brother being part of this, but I was enjoying the rest of it so much I just turned a blind eye to what my own brother was doing., I tried to forget about him and just enjoyed all the different hands touching my naked skin.

I felt fingers inside me and rubbing my c***, each nipple was being sucked. Someone pushed a c*** against my face, I opend my mouth and stuck out my tounge, i had someone's helmet on my tongue now they were wanking into my mouth, I felt like such a dirty b**** by now I would let anyone f*** me.
They lifted my knees up to my b**** exposing all my bits front to back, my boyfriend said how much I love licking men's a*** holes,
I felt embarrassed that he said that especially as my brother was there,
She's always loved r****** out guys, she imaged she had to rim the whole school football team one after the other as a punishment, she told me that was one of her regular w*** fantasy's.

I didn't want them all knowing that secret of mine, i was always so ashamed of myself for having such dirty thoughts, my boyfriend was really getting off by telling them how dirty minded I was,
I knew I'd regret him saying this afterwards, but it got me so hot as he told them more about me.

He told them about me masturbating in my brother's bedroom reading his p*** mags when I was young, and that I purposely let my brothers see up my nighty,
and the many times I left my bedroom door open to let my geeky bro see me sleeping with the bed covers off and my night shirt arounde my waist exposing everything.

I fejt bad about that, my boyfriend thought that happened years ago when I was still a kid
He didn't know that I still iiked to lay in bed with my door open showing off my charms to anyone passing, nowadays the only person who passed my room was my brother!!
If he didn't know before, he definitely knows now, I've been exposing to him since we were kids, but it was always by" accident," now he knows i always did it on purpose makes me feel really bad, especially as I still did nearly every Saturday morning.

I felt one of them them licking my a*** crack from top to bottom, then one began licking my c*** at the same time, it was mind blowing, someone layer over my face and f***** my mouth, then he squatted over my face, I licked his a*** and wanked him off, I was sure it was boyfriends mate Terry, I felt him tense up as he squirted s**** over me,
He got up and another a*** was pushed on to my face, this one was rubbing his crack up and down my whole face, he really pushed his open arsehole into my nose as he came.
My boyfriend turned me over face down, someone was Infront of me bent over on all fours, my boyfriend f***** me hard from behind and ordered me to lick the bum facing me, i did it with pleasure, the other two had left the room, so us 3 carried on,
I hoped my brother had left the room , but knowing my what my boyfriend was like I knew he'd probably made him stay
My boyfriend started telling about playing games with his sisters the older one wanked him off Infront of their cousins to show what a h****** was, he was about 7 his sister and cousins were around 11 to 13

He never forgot that day, everyime they saw their cousins they would always do some naughty things, they played dare all the time and with his sister too. His cousins Paula and Susan always dared him to put his hand down their knickers, they'd always get him to do the same to his sister, they said everyone has to do the same things , so nobody wouldl tell anyone about it.

His older sister taught him about s**, she let him watch her m********* ,then she got him doing it to her, she showed him homemade p*** films their auntie and uncle made, she said auntie and uncle probably have s** with them both and she promised she was going to arrange it when we stayed with them next.

They watched their p*** films and wanked in their bed most mornings when staying there, but the best was watching their homemade films, seeing auntie being so filthy rea!!y shocked them at first,
she spoke and acted like a child in some vids uncle played along acting like her dad
They wanted aunt and uncle to be naughty with them, sister began flirting around uncle at night, she kept talking like aunt in the vid, and cuddling up to uncle in her short night dress. But falling asleep on the settee was her favourite, she gave her uncle a clear view of her little hairy m***, then she wouldn't wake up so he had to carry her to bed, she wanted uncle to put her into bed then lick her p**** before leaving , she put it on a plate for him every night but he never touched her. He always had a good look though.
She let him see her young f**** everything he put her to bed, legs always open
and nighty around her waist, he'd lay her on her back, she wiggle down to ride up her nighty even more.

Her brother got the benefits whenever her uncle carried her to bed, she'd be h**** and frustrated, which made her be even more dirty.
She'd ask her brother to f*** her , he never said no.
Now they are adults that doesn't happen anymore, but he did persuade her to do some things when he'd split up with his partner


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  • U should try " eh chat " it's an anonymous chat room where u can safely roleplay 1 on 1 (just text / no cam) It's hot.

  • A older boy who I was crushing on got my panties off and showed his friends. That started a whole bunch of problems. Now I'm really not virgin anymore!

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