Mom at my physical exams

I am a 20 year old boy. I still bring my mom into the exam room with me whenever I go to the doctor. Even for my physical exams.

I tell her that I am nervous to go alone but actually I like her watching me get my physical. It makes me feel like I am still a little boy. I strip down to my tighty whities and start the exam that way but eventually they come off and my mom gets to watch the doctor examining my p**** and my b****.

I wonder if there are any other guys that like their mom watching them getting their physical exams like that.

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  • Why would you want your mom in the room with you. That is f****** gross and gay

  • My mom examined my nude body when I was 46 years old. Fear of losing my testicles made me very compliant with her instructions, even when she instructed me you turn around and spread my legs, bend over and spread my cheeks. I eventually did get a full erection, and mom, being mom, asked me not to be embarressd since she is my mother and there is nothing wrong with her seeing my p**** erecting like this.

  • I am an 18 year old senior and my mother still comes to my doctor appointments, too, including my sports physicals. I have to take off underwear and I don't mind my mom seeing me naked.

  • Your mom has seen your junk from day one and doesn't think it's hot.

  • My mom catches me sucking on her dirty panties she used to get angry but not anymore

  • Weird but whatever

  • This happened to me when I was in high school when I needed an exam for lacrosse. The doc opened my gown right in front of my mother and also examined my a******. I was mortified.

  • Why were you so mortified? Didn't you think something like that would happen if your mom was in the exam room with you? Was that the first time that your mom sat in on your physicals?

  • My mom checks my testicles on frequently. Nothing wrong with your mom seeing you naked.

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