Mom Dad and me

As a 24 year old woman, I find myself if a sexually satisfying and loving relationship with my parents.

At 14, I also discovered that my grandfather was actually my father. They started when Mom was 13 and Dad was only 32 and Mom's mother died in a car accident.

I have seen pictures of her at 12 and she was tall and already had nice b**** and look much older.

They turned to each other and when she was 13, she got pregnant with me. They never stopped sleeping together and it seemed normal growning up seeing them in bed together and kissing.

I discovered the truth when I walked in on them having s**. They didn't see me watching. Mom was on top and was talking dirty to her father.
She kept saying things like "You like f****** your little girl. You want to my mouth on your c***."

Then they really started to f***. Mom said Daddy c** in me I want a baby.
Dad flip Mom on her back f***** her like mad.

He said I c****** and Mom rapped her legs around him as he filled her. Then they collapsed breathing hard. Finally the saw me and I must have passed out.

I woke up on the bed, Dad was in boxers and mom in her short silk robe.

Mom said, you need to know. Grandpa is your father. I went to him when I was 12. He never forced me. We love each other so much.

I said I want to be alone. And went to my room. Not much was said that weekend. The next week I talked to mom. Do you really love Dad that much? Yes baby I do. She answered.

I love both of you too the way you love Dad. I think I want you both to teach me about love. Then I kissed mom, she move back, but I kissed her again. Dad walked in and saw us. Then I ran to him and kissed him too.

It 10 years now and we have wonderful love making sessions. Both Mom and I have had a baby with him 4 years ago.

I love s** with Mom and with Dad. We love now as if we are all married to each other.

Life and love is great.


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  • Pure crap

  • Just another fine example of how this site is more like "Stories Made Up By Social Rejects With OCD Post".

  • I love my Daddy the same way as you. No man make me feel as safe, loved or sexual satisfied as he does.

    I'm 32 now. We have two daughters 14 and 10. and I seduced him when I was 15.

    I found true love.

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