I didn't know it when I was young, but the desire to show one's naked wife to other men [Candaulism] is a common Fetish. I would take nude photos of my young bride, Ann and show them at my Fraternity without her knowledge. It was arousing to see the knowing looks when I took her to parties.
Fast Forward a few years. Ann discovered I was showing her nude photos. I also cut the lining out of her bathing suits and 'lost' the straps. But she tolerated it and perhaps enjoyed the attention showing camel-toe and occasional nip slips at the beach.
We joined a Dude Ranch in Montana for weekend fun. One day, as we left the Ranch property, I talked Ann into hiking naked across public forest land while I led in my VW Beetle. She wore only running shoes and alternately walked and jogged. She really got into it and refused several offers to get into the car and ride.
Ann was of Bohemian Gypsy descent, dark and buxom. Her long, black hair hung down in front almost to her pendulous D-cup b****** with prominent nipples. When she jogged, she had to hold them from flopping, but when she walked, she let them sway freely. Her dark, hairy pudendum was framed by ample hips. Women didn't shave in those days.
Ann had walked & jogged about a mile when we came to a dirt road. A pickup truck with two men had noticed Ann earlier and stopped to ogle.
Instead of stopping to let Ann get into our VW, my Candaulism kicked in. I had to drive well past the truck to get up onto the road, then back to park close to the truck. Ann had nothing to cover with and was forced to walk naked about 100 yards along the road toward the two strange men to get to our car.
Interestingly, Ann made no attempt to hurry or cover up. She calmly strolled close by the two men with her naked b****** swaying openly. She got into our car and we drove home. The only comment she ever made about it was, "I hope you enjoyed the show. They sure got an eyeful." I did enjoy it.



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  • How bout some pics

  • I wish I had pics to show. Pics from 50 years ago were lost in a fire. And Ann passed away 14 years ago. Best I can do is share my memories while I still have that.

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