MIL Attraction

I have a confession. My mother in law gets me excited. I want her so bad. She is 65 and I’m 37. She’s been in my life 17 yrs and I still want her. I love her and my wife Very much. She has seen my c*** a number of times. There were times it was just me and her alone in my house and I would be in my bedroom putting lotion on naked and she would walk by. A few times I was rock hard stroking my c*** with lotion. Also times I would have my robe on and let her see my c*** through the opening. She has never said anything but also has never stop the acts either. She’ll continue to talk to me while it’s happening. I grab or rub her ass every time I hug/greet her. I think she knows I want her but idk.

Sep 26, 2019

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  • I don't know what you're waiting for, when my MIL caught me stroking my c*** she came right to me and asked, "would you like some help with that?" She bent over in front of me and I gave it to her real good. Her oragsm was so intense that her legs collapsed and she fell to the floor, so I rolled he onto her stomach and entered her soaking wet, quivering c*** and pounded her more until we both came. Later that night while I was f****** her daughter, my wife, she commented that I had made her mother feel real good. while I stammered for words she told that I'd been set up, her mother had wanted my c*** since she first saw it pounding my wife from behind.

  • Dream on

  • You already have made a breakthrough to be more closer sexually. Start with a light kiss on her cheek on any pretext. If she reciprocates, embrace her with a deep kiss pressing your hard-on on her thighs. She will most likely to melt in your embrace. Take her to bed still embracing her but fondling her b**** and ass cheeks. She will be all yours!! She will lead you for the rest ....

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