i have this stomach growling fetish. im a girl, and i go on youtube and search videos, but i only like it when its out of hunger and when its from a woman, an attractive one. i hate it when it comes up in reality though, with my friends and family and even when the subject comes up i feel weird and try to change the subject right away. nobody knows about it either. and when i look it up on youtube i have to grab something and start humping it. ive done this as long as i can remember, probably since i was two or three. is this normal? especially for a teenager?


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  • In want to listen to someone belly while be fingered

  • My biggest Fantasy is to have my ear directly on someone's stomach laying in bed and listening to belly growl being told I like it listening to their loud belly or even walking in a room standing up and being ask you wanna hear my belly. Another fantasy is just coming home with one of my friends and we listen to each other growling belly. I would love to have a friend who just offered for you to listen to their tummy. I wish I could walk in a room and just have someone say " my belly growling wanna listen. I'm a teenage girl who wishes to have a friend like that.

  • I'm looking for a friend like that too

  • Omg twins

  • Belly growls are so arousing they are all that turn me on

  • Yoooo, same here!

  • Are you a girl

  • Cool

  • Yo, I'm a dude that's a fan of belly noises. If you wanna chat, hit me up at
    If we get along, maybe we can share other social medias~

  • I'm a teenager girl and I love belly growls my Snapchat is dancenai and my twitter is puppynailah123 sorry but I'm more comfortable talking to girls I have a bf

  • So I live in a Boarding House several years ago and I met a very handsome, manly and hot security cop in here. and then one night I was very eager too listen his bowel sounds so I enter his cabin quietly. At first I was afraid that he would freak out but it is not! He was lay there, shirtless. he let me to put my ear on his six pack abs and I listening to his b**** sounds for a total 4 hours from digesting until growling hungrily. he had eaten 4 b**** of meat and its completely absorbed into his system. And i listen to his belly everynight, and h*** eventually became my best friend. Sadly i have to move to another city.

  • If anyone wants to chat, my instagram is filmnerd12345. I just started making videos!

  • Anyone wanna chat with me about our bellies.

    Here is my contact info

    Facebook messenger username is louiseweezer,( Jesus picture near it)

    Instagram is bellylistener

    Twitter is @airbendergirl82

    Anyone from Missouri North America.

  • I can also trade stories and videos with ya

  • Anyone wanna chat with me about our bellies.

    Here is my contact info

    Facebook messenger username is louiseweezer,( Jesus picture near it)

    Instagram is bellylistener

    Twitter is @airbendergirl82

  • Anyone from Missouri North America. Wanna chat with me

  • Im from missouri

  • Add me on facebook
    FB: Richi SQ

  • I'm a girl and has the same fetish my boyfriend does not any girls want to be friends I have Snapchat we talk about belly growls

  • Whats your sanp?

  • Where's you snap?

  • I'm a girl I have snap let me here your tummy growl

  • Dancenai

  • Whats your snapchat?

  • I have intagram fiestavirtual21

  • Instagram fiestavirtual21

  • Girl same.. we are exactly the same except my fetish started at 4

  • How old are you now

  • My Instagram its fiestavirtual to talk

  • I can not find you

  • And yes I'm a girl.

  • You have Instagram , my Instagram its fiestavirtual to talk

  • Which one is you

  • Anyone wanna trade belly videos and stories with me? Here is my email address

  • Do you have snap

  • Anyone wanna trade belly videos here my email

  • You are a gilr?

  • I'm the same! Nobody knows about it but me, and I guess everyone on this thread, lol. I've always felt super weird about it and don't really have any friends to talk to about it with. If anyone would like to chat though, I associate with the social media apps Facebook and LINE. I'm 17 and female, my username for LINE is Cerb (has the same profile pic as my FB) and my FB name is Xianne Caler with a happy anime girl as the profile picture. Would be nice to not feel so weird and have some people to talk to about this fetish, lol.

  • I'm a girl I'll talk you have snap

  • Hey ya'll. Anyone wanna chat with me , and trade belly stories and videos . Here my email.

  • You are a giro por boy?

  • I'm glad i'm not the only one! if anyone would like to exchange belly noises you can find me at 27/ male

  • I'd love to listen to your belly noises Neuro Jack.❤️😍♥️😘

  • Hey I'm the same way dont feel weird

  • Hey, I love to listen to empty stomach growls, mainly from guys, if anyone wants to talk; here's my email:

  • I want to listen to your belly noises fytgug.♥️😍❤️😘

  • Sent you an add and message

  • Same. I like to rp with belly noise fetishes. My role plays are phan (phil and dan) Larry (Louis and Harry) and Ziam (Zayn and Liam). If you or anyone else wants to bely noise fetish rp with me, my wattpad is @anakinbridger541 and my google chats is attachd to my email:

  • Anyone wanna listen or hear my belly noises. They r loud. I don't do, or like anyone sitting on me. Louiseweezer is my Facebook username. It has a Jesus picture near it.

  • I just sent you an add, i would love to listen to your belly

  • Anyone wanna to role play and listen to mine. Add me to Facebook page. Louiseweezer is my username. It has a Jesus picture near it.

  • It was very funny in church this morning

    . I kind of skipped breakfast-this morning . Wendi, my twin sister friend, sat near me. When church started. My belly was close to roaring out loud. I was thinking Wendi must of heard it. I did my sign language special. Everyone loved it. But when the preacher was doing the sermon. I was taking notes.

    My ears perked up when I heard my twin's belly. I turned my head and looked at Wendi and I laughed. I was about to ask her if she skipped breakfast but I didn't. I didn't wanna embarrass her.

    Then when we was praying, hers did it again I smiled and laughed. I was like goodness. Then when we went and got a soda we snacked on cookies.

  • You all can call me wheezer

    I confess that I have a craziness for belly noises. My obsession started at age 14. Now I'm 34. My fav type of belly noise is the unstuffed and stuffed.

    I love to hear and listen. But I got no one to listen or hear with. All my nieces and nephews are grown up. I had taped very cartoon characters show that I can remember , that has belly noise
    on them.

    If any of you have Facebook. You can add me there. Louiseweezer is my username. It has a Jesus picture near it. You can also e mail me at

  • My stomach always make really loud gurgling sounds. 15/f I have a boyfriend and sometimes I'll lay my head on his tummy and listen to it gurgling, it turns me on a lot but he doesn't know I like it. I just say you have a soft tummy and he lets me lay on it. My tummy is so loud right now I ate some pasta and some chicken and it's going crazy inside. I wish I could have my boyfriend put his head on my gurgling tummy and listen to all the food being digested by my tummy. It's sooooo loud when I have my hand on it I can feel all the pasta and chicken being digested inside. Anyone here want to hear my loud gurgling tummy?

  • I do you have Snapchat

  • I would text me on hangouts Kevo.S

  • I would

  • Love to! Do you have Gmail?

  • I'm a boy 19 years old. I have this with girl belly's. Especially when they are filled with liquid and it all starts sloshing in their stomach.

  • I would love to hear. You can listen to mine and I do yours. Louiseweezer is my Facebook page. It has a Jesus picture near it. Add me

  • I would love to :)

  • Hi there im a 19 yro female with a noisy sick tummy; doctor said muy tummy will be noisy for a while wanna hear it???

  • Would love to play doctor with your noisy hurting poor tummy then rub it a little to confort it and also starve you just a little bit to ley tour tummy feel better then i woould love to make you company at the doc to see how he touch tour sick tummy or how you shiver with the cold sthetoscope and also to see you moan a little of pain while doctor palpate all tour tummy my dream is to watch an indefence girl laying down un doctors table bed with her t shirt up and her jeans button and ziper open so her lower tummy be expose also with a little bloated tummy that churns and make noises loud and she being embarased and little in pain let me do it forma you?¿

  • I would love it!! I tell you muy doc experience first i told him my tummy hurt so he anzweare that he could hear it for himself and that it wwas loud then he told me to lay flat on my back all this while the growls continue then he told me thst at first side my tummy was so bloated it should be hurting bad i say yes then he poke it soft and ask what i ate because it was really big bloated he know my tummy for years so yeah it was big then he told me to put my shirt up to expose my bloated belly as alwayss he do when he have to chek it but this is the first time he unzip my pants and take them little down also my pantys i ask why surprised and he told me he needed to do a complete and full stomach examination then he put his sthet on me on thd round belly it took 15 minuts listenin my tummy everywhere snd he still do it all again my mom whlo wait for me enter the roon concern doctor said it will take longer so she went out then doctor push his hands and palpated all my tummy it protested so loud everytime he touch it soft or round i was so embarassed then he told me to moan everytime it hurts so i moan a lot and shiver also move my tummy cause tje pain was horrible then he make mu tummy sound as a water very inflated drum all this took 30 minutes he repeated again everything then he told iii

  • Me to stay quiet to listen my tummy it again growl louder then he told me he wull place his ear direct in my stomach at this point i wss concern so i ask why?? He told me ny belly was so bloated he can hear well my digestive sounds then he stay there 20 minutes at this point i was blushing cause of the nois my mom enter concern so he told her he will need more time she go away and the. Conect some buttons to my tum skin and they go the other said to a machine he told me he was monitoring and recording my belly sounds then he ultrasound my. Tummy finally he told me sit to stay up and to rest in both sides with still shirt up and pants down then again in ny back and then he massage my tummy until the air in it go finally out then he told me my belly wsas cute and thst he like it finally give me my medicine and button my shirt arriving home mom took a pic of ny belly before and the after thst was too much for me what do you think of this doctor???

  • Flove tour belly doctor bloated story

  • Thanks also muy doctor told me he liked to put cold gel to ultrosound muy tummy. Also he took x ray of muy abdomen with out any cloths justo a thin medical robe with the belly and low abdomen parte totally open so muy underware were shown was embarassing but turn me con

  • Hi there im a female with lot of tummy audios to send to people im 20 and hace flat belly

  • Hi I would love to hear your tummy please send audio to me at

  • I would love to listen to your belly, I'm 20 female, let me know hoe I can contact you

  • Me snap

  • Hi im 17 male can we share our stomach noises?? Contact me with's

  • Hi I'm a different person but do you have a snapchat? I'd love to let you listen to my loud gurgling tummy and I'd love to hear yours as well

  • Do you have Snapchat? I wanna hear your tummy

  • My snapchat is jess_wilson95

  • I'm a 17 year old male and for some reason, it like it when a guy's stomach growls, or even when they just mention that their stomach's growling. Idk why it's like this but it is, I'm pretty sure I'm not gay, but for I just prefer hearing a guy's stomach growl for some reason.

  • Same but I'm bisexual. Wanna chat. We could exchange belly noises.

  • My email is

  • I also have this fetish but i can never find young girls who would let me hear their stomach noises >~< i'm 18 and i'm a male and i suffer from ADHD and Autism. i try my best to fit in but i can't really find a group. i don't mind the age of the girl as long as she's 25 or younger and her stomach is super noisy or at least makes a good amount of noise. i've been looking for girls around 5-15 (it was many years ago) before but i doubt it would happen so i expanded my search

  • You can message me on k i k KingZGShadow or KZGShadow if you want to talk

  • I'm a 19 years old male and i don't know why but I love listening to male stomach sounds since I was a child, but I'm not gay. I search and watch these kinds of videos in youtube often. FInally I've found out that I'm not alone!

  • Your definitely not alone my friend I am also a 19 year old male I am the same way

  • Wanna chat?

  • Omg I think stomach growling is extremely sexy

  • Hey I like them as well. I think they are funny sounding. Louiseweezer is my Facebook page( Jesus picture near my name on Facebook ) add me and I'll let you listen to mine

  • Yaaay!!!!!!! I am not alone. I used to be worried that I was the only one that fetish

  • I'm 21, female. I have the same fetish as you. It all started when I was a kid ... maybe 5 or 6 yrs old? I've always feel aroused around big bellies (whether it's from eating or pregnant bellies) or stomach noises (especially digesting noises!). Heck im guilty of watching noisy belly videos on youtube. A lot of times I question myself if I'm 'normal' .... and I haven't got the guts to tell anyone about it because I feel like I'll be labelled as a freak or something XD butttt in my opinion everybody has their own fetish, and as long as it isn't damaging your life then it's OK .. cheer up! And yep you're definitely not alone :)

  • Hey there! I'm a 23 year old guy and I'm in the same boat. Wanna chat about it? My email is :)

  • I love my stomach pressed. I have a flat belly if anyone wants to do anything to it let me know! Email me

  • Are you a guy or a girl?

  • Sometimes I wonder why fetishes even exist. Nothing I can do about it though! started when I was 7-10. I'm not really shure.

  • I'm a 20 year old girl and I am the same. It's nothing weird. Some people like Biting or bondage.

  • "No it's not normal. You are a sick freak. But atleast you are not doing animals. That's the next step in your sick sexual evolution." Yo shut the f*** up.

  • F*** off, everyone has their own things, don't be such a j*** sweetheart

  • (I'm glad I'm not alone <3 )

  • I have the same thing. I am glad I'm not alone.

  • Would any of you teenage girls let me listen to your belly? Maybe we can secretly get together in the future!

  • I am a 12 year old boy. Some nights I like to watch female stomach growl videos, but I only like it if their belly button is showing. I wish that one day I could meet a female girl who would let me lay on her bare midriff and listen to it growl. I wish it was possible for it to jiggle when it growls, cuz I think that's pretty sexy. I'm just glad I'm not alone! Would any of you girls in this chat let me listen to your stomach?

  • Hey there I can chat with you. You can call me wheezer. I love gut noises you can e mail me at

  • Sure

  • Omg i am 14 rn, how old are you rn? i have this fetish too! If we do meet in person, we could take turns ha.

  • I have the same thing!! I thought there was no one else like this

  • Same

  • I honestly do too!!! I thought there was no one else that had this!

  • Right me to i love stomach noises from women im a guy twenties and single i need a girl that loves this type of thing to but hard to find because who would admit this on the first date right

  • Wanna chat with me on Facebook. I'm a female. And I am a belly noise loving fan. Louiseweezer is my facebook page. It has a Jesus picture near it.

  • But if anyone want to chat im open

  • Ditto! And it's extra bad because I constantly make fun of fetishes when I secretly have some pretty weird ones. Female, 14, and I only like them from guys.

  • M15 here. Do you have Gmail?

  • Would you like to talk or trade videos? 17 guy here :)

  • I got videos. Louiseweezer is my Facebook messenger. It has a Jesus picture near it. Add me.

  • Hey there. I'm a 14 y/o female and I have the same thing. I love listening to empty stomach growls, whether it be male or female. I listen to videos on youtube all the time, (I pretty much only listen to hunger videos), and I also hate whenever someone mentions their stomach or being hungry irl. Like, sometimes my mom will say "I'm gonna go make something to eat, cos' my stomach's growling." And i'll just get super flustered for no reason. I'll feel my face get hot, my mind will go blank on what to say back, and sometimes I won't even make eye-contact. The same happens for when one of my friends mentions being hungry, or having an empty stomach. I've been this way ever since I was a little kid....and I never really understood why. I'm just glad i'm not the only one with this fetish. XDDDDDD

  • Do you have a snap BTW I'm a girl and I'm 14 turning 15 and I love belly growls

  • I would let you listen to my belly and I can listen too yours

  • Omg me too

  • Hey is there any way we could chat?

  • That's basically me! If you want to, though, I have an Instagram account where we can chat! My user is @stomachgrowlz

  • I'm chatting with you

  • I have the same thing and I know you from Instagram I guess it really is a small world

  • Haha same dude

  • It's so embarrassing to confess that for the frist time but okay.
    I'm a girl and I love to see on youtube boy's stomach growling for hunger speacially when they are rubbing their bellies during that it's so sexy.
    I also like to see  boy's stuffed belies who ate a lot and like to hear they moaning wishing I could rub their bellies for them
    And finally I like to see boys getting  punched in the stomach and imagine that I could massage their bellies after that.
    It is all so weird and I will never confess that to any boyfriend that I'll have so I'm glad that I can confess that here to those how think the same as me. What do you think about it?

  • Female in her twenties here, I have this along w the vore fetish but only men doing the eating. And the prey being beautiful women. I think I just like seeing handsome men eat period. It's a huge turn on. Seeing a handsome man lick/smack his lips hungrily, then eat a lot, finish the large meal, then sigh happily, unbuckle his belt, slouch back in his seat, and burp loudly as well as hearing his loud gurgling stomach.

    Reading these posts by other women makes me hopeful that I too can find a man who loves having his belly rubbed and me listening to his hungry/satisfied stomach gurgle in pleasure. And I hope he thinks I look absolutely delicious to him. <3

  • I'd love to chat with you. 20s man here. Love to chat.

  • It's all completely fine :) there are a lot of us out there that have this fetish and i love the same things as you, except with it having to do with girls. If you want to talk more, im happy to chat with you, just let me know :)

  • I have a similar thing. Except I don't look anything up online because I kind of fear being caught or ridiculed and I don't know if it will be the same on video, I've never watched one, but in that sense I'm the opposite because I love when my boyfriend is hungry and I can hear his stomach and it really turns me on. He just sort of accepts it too, so at least he isn't too pushed away by my kinks lol, but I think knowing I have this thing may have made his issues with undereating worse, so sometimes I feel super guilty.

  • Hi I'm Josh and I'm 16 years old . I have have this fascination with woman/ girl tummy noises since I was 6 years old. I get excited every time a girl or woman's tummy makes noises. My favorite type of tummy sound is digestion but I also love upset tummy and hungry growls. I have seen many videos of woman's tummies making noises on YouTube and go so turned on. I have never been lucky enough to experience this in person but someday I hope a woman with a noisy tummy lets me listen to all of her tummy noises and talks to me about what she ate and stuff like that. I love to talk about tummy sounds and want to hear some good tummy sounds! Talk to me about tummy sounds by email or send me a video of your tummy making noises. Only girls 14 and up please . Thanks for reading my experience hope to talk to a girl with the same unrest as me!

  • Look, don't listen to these creeps. Of course it's not weird. Everyone has their own kink, and you found yours! I don't know about how long you've been feeling aroused by it, but I'm pretty sure that kinks can develop at almost any age (I was into vore at age 4). If I could make a suggestion though, if you have any questions, you should find a forum. Forum members are usually very informative and encouraging. I know that the Burp Fetish Forums has a section dedicated to stomach growling. I definitely think you should join there, at least for support. Hope this helps :)

  • I have the same, im a guy and email me at "" for vids aand pics!

  • I have the same thing too, can anyone help? I feel like the only one who has these desires. I get turned on by stomach noises and I don't know why.

  • Why did you take them off

  • As long as it isn't ruining your life, it's all okay! ^^ I have one too, but it isn't ruining my life.

  • The humping part is not normal but having a stomach growling feitish is I have one 2

  • Can we kik? mine is aqcgago

  • Im age 20 male and had this fetish for as long as i can remember im really into female stomach growls and gurgles, i really wish i didnt feel so weird to admit this to my girlfriend, i occaionally would sometimes lay near her belly while she is hungry she never questions really why i like to lay around there so much. but i try my best to hide my fetish only because im too afraid she will think im do weird and strange

  • If any girls wanting to send videos or audio files of their stomach noises or the insides of your stomach just send the to the email. *the email is

  • Glad I stumbled upon this.. I also have a stomach growling fetish. I'm 20 female. I like digestion noises especially if it didn't agree with the person. I've only explored this on YouTube but never attempted telling a boyfriend because it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I absolutely love when a guy touches my stomach but it become ridiculously embarrassed if it makes a noise (which tends to be quite often). While I listen to stomach noises on YouTube I've never listened to a guys stomach because I always feel weird. I have a huge preference towards lean and toned stomachs because then when they eat a lot you can see the difference easier and more drastically..which is adorable. I also have a toned stomach as I am very active and eat relatively healthy, do people with this fetish like more pudgy stomachs or is it really the noise that counts? I also have a pregnancy fetish but I think that stems from the idea that women who are pregnant touch//have people touch their stomachs and that appeals to me.. Not because I want to touch but because I want to be touched there.. This is the first time I've voiced(typed) my fetish out haha! My fantasies typically involve eating a big meal, and having a guy rub his hands over my full tummy or even just rest his hand there. Any touch there from a guy makes me go crazy I guess haha. I got my belly button pierced in hopes that guys would be more inclined to touch/mess with it and it's worked!

  • I'd love to talk. I'm a guy, 20s. Reply if you want to talk. (:

  • I'd definitely listen to your belly noises anytime

  • I'd like to talk

  • I would love to listen to your tummy

  • I would like to rub your belly :-)

  • I'm a girl but I could do those things you like?

  • My friend stayed over an his stomach was swollen with beer. He was starving and ate a pita kebab really quickly and then flopped down in bed, on his left side, with his gut hanging forward from all the food and beer. His stomach started churning really loud and slow, trying to digest all the unchewed lettuce and chicken inside of it. I put my hand on it and could feel it contracting around all the food. "Sounds like a storm in there, I can feel it," he told me. "Me too, it's moving," I said back. Then what felt like all these bubbles started moving out of his stomach and deeper into his gut, up toward his side and then down and across again. They seemed to get lost deep in his intestines, but then his stomach churned and a huge gush of liquid squirted out along the same path. A few minutes passed, then it seemed to run into all the air later on. His lower belly was bubbling and squealing while his stomach groaned every 30 seconds or so. Then some thick-sounding churns left his stomach- I think it was some of the food, even though it couldn't have been digested. It all seemed to move pretty fast through his system, and I could feel the peristalsis against my hand. All the air that left first started collecting near his hip and seemed to WHOOSH into his bowels like a balloon. After a few minutes of intense and steady bubbling and squirting it seemed like the whole meal had caught up. His stomach had stopped groaning, so I suspect everything just hadn't agreed with it so it sent the meal along its way. I kept my hand along his right side and hip and felt the whole undigested meal and beer slosh up into his large intestine, then up and across his belly again, where it seemed to just sit there. He never got up to relieve himself, so I guess his guts just decided to rest.

  • Wow.. u people are sick.

  • F*** off

  • *breath's in* BOI

  • Hey I'm a guy who love stomach noises I love listening to my girlfriends tummy all the time when she comes to my houses are I go to hers. It's fun. I have listen to other girl tummy too.

  • Im a guy im 11 and i love to listen to my moms stomach noises when shes hungry are full. my favorite time to listen my moms belly is when she eats like something like a sandwich. while she is eating i put my ear on her stomach and listen to the sandwich enters her stomach and get smosh i can fell it moving for some reason. also what i love about my moms stomach when she drink something like pop water are juice i can hear it going down like theres bubbles. i think my moms stomach sounds are hot for so reason. shes like 41 and im 11. i think im very lucky that i been in side her belly.and i am going to put my ear again on her belly later after she is done cooking her meal i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe u could listen 2 mine

  • Hi its me Emma again. Recently I found a new stomach noise that really arouses me. My own tummys noises. Using the voice memo app on my phone I record the noises of my belly. In fact I got quite h**** from acid in my empty belly. Today I'm not gonna eat anything so when I go home my stomachs really growling. Just wanted to say that. Please reply

  • U can email the files to mine as well then I can help my friend a little bit

  • U have a kik?
    Mine if possible: DeathWarman

  • Hey, I'd love to talk to you about this, is there anyway I can contact you? I'm 15m

  • Me again. I know this boy my age she have a 10 year old cousin. Both have nice loud and sexy tummies.

  • Hi my name is Emma and I'm 13. I love listening to my aunts tummy when she's hungry or digesting. I especially like her digestion gurgles or soda bubbling before she burps. Also me and my two girlfriends (yes I have two) called Kate and Claudia share my fetish. We always eat until our tummies are as round and plump as basketballs (literally) and put our heads on each others tummies as the we digest.
    (Btw could you possibly Send a pic or vid of your mom and her tummy. I'm intrigued)

  • Sure

  • Lucky

  • Hi my name is fray I'm 24 years old and I love belly noises since I was 9 years old. I used to think I was weird and alone as all of you but then I discover stomach cafe website and as well as youtube.From that day on everything change for me. Now I make YouTube videos to late other listen to my belly noises. You can check my videos on YouTube by fraystm as well as on Skype.

  • Fray, just wanted to say that I LOVE your stomach growling videos on YouTube! <3

  • Hey it's fray I'm not going to call u cuz ur like a show off. U want every one to know that u have a iPhone 6

  • That wasn't very nice to say Fray Simmons.

  • Hi !I am French, I have 14 years and I like to hear rumbling bellies mostly men (I am not gay ...) ... so if you could make video of your belly to me would be great! (but free !!)
    if you are interresser contact me on kik: love growl

    thank you :)

  • Hey there! I'm a 21 year old guy with a serious fetish for girl's tummies growling with hunger. For a long time I thought I was alone in this, but having spent some awakening time on YouTube and finding this confession makes me feel pretty normal. If you're a girl (and 18 years of age or older), please feel free to email me at

    I've never been able to really talk with someone about this before and I'd sure love the chance!

  • You probably wouldnt believe me if i said that i have been successful in listening to a random female's stomach on the beach while she was sleep lol it was amazing

  • How did you do it?

  • I think I'll keep this hidden though unless I get lucky one day.

  • Well I'll be, me too, thought I was just weird and try to ignore it.

  • I'm a 33 year old guy and have the same fetish, I love to listen to a females stomach rumbling especially through hunger. It's also cool when they listen to mine rumble away. If you wanna share stories feel free to email me at

  • I really want to listen to your belly noises Ben11710

  • Hey there Ben . You may call me wheezer. My nickname. I have Facebook. Louiseweezer is my username. It has a Jesus picture near it. Add me. Im a 34 year
    old female. Who loves belly noises.

  • Believe it or not, I've been into the same thing since I was little. I'm a guy, and I'm really into girls' and women's stomachs growling and all, esp. if I find the shape of her stomach sexy. The #1 thing I like to do w/ a girl or woman I like is rest the side of my head, earfirst on her stomach, feeling it push my head up & down as she breathes & hearing what's going on inside, whether it's hungry, digesting, or upset. If I look @ a girl's or woman's stomach while it's growling and her bellybutton's an innie, I'd think the noise(s) would come right out of her bellybutton since an innie looks like another mouth. One time, I was resting the side of my head on my friend's stomach, & right when I heard it bubble, she burped. Yep, I heard her burp in her stomach right as her stomach pushed it up and out. Totally sexy if you ask me. I've seen a few girls in my life that have outies that kinda look like they have a smile on their lower bellybutton, and I'd kinda joke: "You may not be smiling, but your bellybutton is!" I don't mind a girl or woman I'm interested in belching around me or in my face - or during a make-out; that way, I'll smell what she just ate and/or drank, as well as what her sexy stomach did to whatever it was. If I like her stomach on the outside, I'll definitely be curious as to what it's like on the inside, and if it disagrees w/ whatever she ate or drank and hurls it back up and out, I'll be interested in seeing what her stomach did to whatever she ate before it all became a throw-up. Lastly, if she has a straight, vertical line, sometimes a treasure trail starting @ the bottom of her bellybutton going downwards, it makes me want to ask her where does that line (or hairline) f****** lead me to?! Belly rings aren't my cup of tea, btw, but sometimes I can make an exception. Well, if you ask me, you, as well as any other girl or woman that has the exact, same fetish & I should connect ASAP; we have something huge in common! :-)

  • Your lucky that you have a female friend that lets you listen to her tummy.

  • Ladies Contact me

  • I'd like to talk to the girl who posted she has a fetish for growling bellies.

  • The OP is a chicken s*** P****!

  • This chick sara was laying down next to me and just ate a bunch of strawberries. her thin tummy was exposed a bit and i cuddled up next to her and put my hand across her belly. I could feel her guts bubbling and churning. her stomach wasnt full but it seemed to push those mushed up strawberries along pretty forcefully. i could hear little squelches and squeeks as her intestines rumbled along, and it felt cool under my hand.

  • It is so cool to listen to those noises

  • I absolutely love listening to bellies, never had mine listened to though... suppose it would be cool ^^. I'm male and 18 years-old Email:

  • I am a male and I love listening to a females stomach growling. I was wondering if there were any girls out there who would like to set challenges with me to see what cool noises we can get out of each other's stomachs. Reply to this message with your kik/email if you're interested

  • You can challenge me. On Facebook. Louiseweezer is my username. It has a Jesus picture near it

  • Alexa_rae1221 Id love to

  • My favorite kind of stomach growling is out of hunger from an attractive male. I only like it out of hunger. I often daydream of fictional characters' stomachs growling and me listening to it. I am a 12 year-old girl.

  • Hi,
    im a 15 year-old guy. i would love to talk to you about this cause i have the same daydreams as you, except they are of girls stomachs

  • Same, also im a 13 year old guy

  • I know I have a stomach fetish, and I have known for a while. But even though I know this and I know there are people out there that are just like me, I feel really lonely. No one gets what this is if they don't have it. Are there any teenagers out there that I can talk to about, preferably females because I feel as though I'm not normal and that everyone is the same and I'm nothing like anyone else. I'm a 15 y/o male if that helps.

  • Meeee !

  • Kik me totmason15

  • I'll talk to you. :) I don't really have many people to talk to about this with, either, except one. Here's my email:

  • I have a fetish for it too. Especially when it's from an overweight girl with a big fat belly too.

  • Hi,
    Was wondering if there are any girls out there that would like to listen to my stomach and let me listen to theirs. I'm a guy btw

  • I would. Louiseweezer is my Facebook page. It has a Jesus picture near it. Add me

  • Depends on how old you are. I'd love to find a guy who would let me listen to his stomach without feeling weird, and who would listen to mine!

  • Hey I don't know how old this post is but I'd love to talk with a lady about this, (: I'm a guy by the way ^.^

  • How old are you?

  • Gonna be 16 real soon. XD might be a little young so it might be weird.

  • OMG, I felt so well understood but so alone when reading all of you guys... Is there anyone from Poland or American-Polish? I'm 25 and STILL not sure about my orientation... All I know is I get very turned on by almost all kinds of noises from a hungry stomach... I get angry/embarrassed when I hear a hunger grumble from a friend, just like you; and I can't struggle with this, just like you... Somehow, growling empty bellies for me are in the same box as intimacy, total trust, and other very big words. Can anyone plz e-mail me at "dabigseel at gmail dot com"?

  • I also find them to be sensual and intimate. I think there's a vulnerability to it.

  • I think I just recently learned that I have a stomach growling fetish. For some reason, I felt weird when I was watching a movie or a T.V. show, and a character's stomach would rumble. However, I only felt weird when I was with other family members or other people, but I didn't mind it when I was alone. In fact, I think I was kind of fascinated by them or something when I was alone. This eventually led me to search my...weirdness, and I have learned that this is actually a fetish, which I do believe I have.

    Maybe it's not exactly a fetish, but I do know that I kind of like it when stomachs growl with hunger. I'm a girl, and I hope that I can find a boyfriend who would kind of accept me and my weird fetish, would let me listen to his tummy if he's hungry and it's growling, and possibly for him to have this fetish too and to for him to listen to my own belly when it's hungry and grumbling.

    On a side note, I also like the noises of a full, gurgling, digesting stomach, but I think that I like hunger growls a little better. I, too, sometimes look up youtube videos of people's stomachs growling and...yeah. I never knew others could have this fetish, and I doubt that anyone in my life would have this, either. So yeah.

  • I have the same fetish

  • I wish I knew you girls in real life. Btw im a guy with the same fetish as you.

  • Dude I am exactly like you im a girl and I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year and I haven't told him yet but I get to lay on his soft tummy sometimes and listen to it growl when he is hungry and when I wake up next to him in the morning his tummy usually growls and it makes him nervous or uncomfortable so he gets up and eats right away but sometimes and can re assure him and get him to stay so I can listen to his tummy growl :) the sounds relax me and also turn me on

  • Wow, you are SOOOOOO lucky! I wish I had a boyfriend like that (h*** a boyfriend at all XD). Oh, man, girl, you are SUPER lucky. That sounds absolutely WONDERFUL. I hope that I eventually get a guy like that! :D

  • Hallo :) I have stomach noises fetish too :) I am a guy and I am 23. I wanna talk with you about it :) please write me

  • Hey, I'm a guy who has this fetish, I would love to talk to you a bit more about this

  • Depends on how old you are. I'd love to talk to you about this too, possibly. Want an email address?

  • I don't know if anyone still looks at this site at all, but I've had this fetish for ages. I am a teenage male and have always dreamt of having a girlfriend with this fetish and letting her listen to my belly and me listen to hers. I have only told a few people about this but no one seems to understand. If anyone wants to chat my email is and my kik is zacdavis98.

  • I'm a 15 year old guy who loves to listen to the sound of other guyes stomach. I've Liked this since I was 9. And if you are wondering, yes I am gay lol, if there's anyone else who shares this same fealing, you can get in contact with me through kik: sequence98

  • I dont know how old this post is right now but i just looked to see if anyone else was like me. Surprisingly there are tons of people, an it makes me feel.. Better? I've never admitted this on the internet either. Ive only told one person who has the same fetish, but they'd joke around and use it against me, I love laying on my boyfriends tummy. Not only is it super comfy but gah. I cant believe there's so many others :3

  • I have it too! I've been this way since I was little. I used to think I was wierd and that it was only me until I discovered youtube and found out there is a whole lot of people with this fetish too!I worry that when i start dating( I'm in highschool btw) that I'll freak out my boyfriend if my secret comes out. But who knows maybe I'll find a guy who has a tummy growl fetish too.

  • Hello, I have stomach noises fetish too. I am guy and I am 23. I wanna talk with you about it. please write me

  • This is the first time I've heard of this fetish but I've already decided I want a girlfriend who has it. All I have to do is lie there and let her listen to my stomach and it turns her on? Easiest. Foreplay. Ever.

  • My boyfriend doesn't share this fetish but doesn't mind that I have it. Sometimes before s** I will play with his belly a bit and listen to it, or if we are watching a movie. He's skinny but eats a lot, which makes for interesting noises. The other night he had a few glasses of grape juice on an empty stomach before eating a huge plate of pasta. I woke up in the middle of the night and could hear his belly without even putting my ear on it. I spread my palm across it and could feel all sorts of liquid and gas squirting through his intestines. The loudest noises were from the lower right in his hip though. It was groaning really loud and I could like feel stuff, mostly gas, pouring into his colon, then it would quickly rush up his side and across his belly. It kind of all just churned around in there once it reached the end. His intestines must have been so full.

  • That sounds hot. I would love to be you right then.

  • Oh my goodness. Me too. Ever since I was about four I'd like laying on anyone's stomach and listening, unless it was my dad or something haha.
    but I don't think I ever really understood the feelings.
    I'm a 15 year old female. So, yeah. I have another one where I like seeing women drink liquids as their bellies fill up. It's so weird, I never feel normal.
    The thing that confuses me is that I'm generally attracted to men but I have a fetish for women, hmm.

  • Would you like to talk with me pleaseee?

  • Omg are you me?

  • Mine talks. Is that normal?? does that make you hot???

  • me to. it,s such a curse knowing other people won,t share it with me.
    but what the h***.
    i must say the most thrilled part is when i hear it by
    silent moments of surprise and when there close to me.
    just saying that no hope no future so keep digging

  • That's not true though, people won't find it weird... honestly... if they like you and care about you they will actually find it very cute. Don't think that way. Belly button's are a very neat fetish and FAR from weird compared to others. :) embrace it :3 its not a bad thing.

  • That is honestly the boat I'm in right now. I'm kind of embarrassed and ashamed of it because I always thought it was weird to get turned on by something like that. I mean I'm a girl, I'm attracted to men, but my belly button fetish is for girls. It's always made me question myself. And I've actually never thought about it that way before. :) thanks for changing my perspective. ^^^

  • I have never heard of this fetish until someone emailed me recently to do a custom video. I have store 37817 on C4S and would be willing to do more custom videos if you want.

  • I've felt so embarrassed and ashamed of my fetish since none of my friends have it and I've had a couple of people openly condemn it even though they didn't know I had it. Ever since I was a little baby, I've always been fascinated with stomachs, especially the noises. I would find it adorable if I was listening to a cute boy's stomach, but I would get really grossed out if it was a family member's. It was like seeing them naked in my mind. I would also get really embarrassed if my stomach growled around anyone or if the topic was brought up. I've told my boyfriend about it and he doesn't seem to mind, but he doesn't have the same fetish, so he doesn't understand completely. Whenever I read through these kinds of threads and see that other people share my thoughts and desires, it makes me feel normal and that my fetish is normal.

  • How would you tell someone about having this fettish? My boyfriend still doesn't know and I wish I could tell him but im so shy he will think its weird :(

  • unfortunately i also have this fetish

    i like when girls listen to my stomach as it is very loud
    and i like listening to girl stomachs and their growls and digesting sounds and everything else you guys said on this post thingy

    wish there was a girl on here in ny like me whos stomach i can lay my ear on and they can lay on mines..

  • You can listen to mine. Mine is loud nonstop loud. Louiseweezer is my Facebook username. It has a Jesus picture near it. I also got instagram. Missionarygirl82. Add me

  • You want to listen to mine. Louiseweezer is my Facebook page. It has a Jesus picture near it. Add me.

  • Omg im a girl n' i love listening to guy's stomachs, they usually find it strange though =/

  • Kik me?

  • I dont find it strange and i would love for you to listen to my stomach and vice versa. Do you have a kik, facebook or email?
    im the kahn guy above you i just dont remember my pw lol

  • I have Facebook. Louiseweezer is my username. It has a Jesus picture near it.

  • I'm a guy who loves listening to girls stomachs, wanna trade some videos?

  • I can't believe I'm not the only one... this has been my most hidden secret from everyone in my entire life. I've had this fetish since I was a young child; and I've always been ashamed. I don't feel as bad now.

  • Same. I wish I had the guys to tell a hot girl about this fetish and let me listen to her belly. I told my mom once but she probably forgot. I don't want to remind her!

  • i like to record them with my i phone not weird

  • not wierd at all
    i also buyd a new recording device
    special for these accesions.
    nit that it,s that easy to use in stereotype
    of people dispachting everything thats wierd.

  • i do too!

  • i usually hang out with girls im close with and lay my head on there often food filled stomach as it groans

  • So I just commented below, and I forgot to ask if anyone on here would be interested in me making a whole blog dedicated to our fetish including erotic stories, audio/video sounds of stomach noises, art, etc.

  • sure!

  • I am a 19 year old female, and I have had a stomach growling fetish for as long as i can remember. When I was little, I'd lay on my mom's stomach to nap and would hear it growling and thought it was the best thing ever. I love laying on my boyfriend's stomach after he eats and hearing all the noises it makes, it gets me so aroused that I squirm. I think I like the digesting sounds a little more than the hungry stomach ones. But he doesn't know about my fetish, I just always say things like "oh, let's cuddle, your tummy is so comfy to lay on." Also, I am straight, however I have discovered recently that I have a pregnancy fetish. For some reason, watching pregnant p*** gets me off. I don't pay attention to the woman's face or b******, but I focus on the penetration itself, and her big round stomach bouncing around and getting rubbed and touched by the man. And I love getting off to youtube videos of pregnant women's bellies moving around, like when the baby inside kicks and stretches and she presses and rubs on it to make the baby kick harder. I'm actually quite embarrassed by my fetishes, because I think if I tell anyone, they'd find me gross and weird D:

  • I know what you mean. I'm a teenage girl who is EXTREMELY embarrassed about my fetish as well. Mine is a little bit different though in have a navel fetish and I've always hated the fact that it was always a part of who I was. I've tried to make it go away but I don't even know if I can. I'm straight, but I'm attracted to female stomachs. I always questioned if that made me bisexual or not. I've never shared this with ANYONE, so it's good to know I don't have to feel bad about myself on here.

  • My god I'm a straight dude with the same fetish you just described to the detail. I think I love you lol.

  • My stomach growls SO much. No reason. It just likes to have conversations. I am so glad that people don't find it creepy lol.

  • mine growls really loud when it's hungry for lunch!

  • I have the same fetish. I'm a male who likes generally hearing a guy's stomach.. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has this fetish. These other people who cannot respect it, are just a*******. Then again, that is the risk you run when you put it out there..

  • im a 12 year old boy who loves stomach growls for some reason ever since i was little i watch videos of growling and inside of it but for some reason i like male stomach more than females i never new and how i was so i love stomach growls so much i listen to peoples stomach out in public i find someone i want to hear wait for them to get in a good position and i listen sometimes i get lucky to and put my ear on it and they dont even notice so thats my story you can post hear about diffrent ways to listen or just about your problems see ya.

  • Lucky! XD

  • Yeah! How do you get away with that!?!?!

  • its not as easy as you its not an art its a science you cant just get to it you have to wait for that perfect time .what i do is always have an excuise i drop my pencil on purpose and reach down to get it and put your ear to his/her side and if they ask or notice you just say im getting my pencil you can do this with any object thats one of my tactics you try it see if it works remember its a science not an art be sneaky and careful think before you do.

  • anybody have any luck

  • I have the same thing, but i'm a guy (15 year old). I love female stomach growling

  • Hehe I have this too :) I've had it ever since I was really little. I just get like turned on when I read, hear, or anything that has to do with hungry stomach growls x) Like when I was little and cartoons would come on and someone's stomach would growl I would just love it lol xD It's really weird but not so much anymore now that i know alot of people are on the same boat as me. > u<

  • Haha! I'm just like you, except I'm a guy. x)

  • I think I have the same fetish. I love to listen to all kinds of stomach growling, no matter if it's hungry or digesting. Sometimes I inmagine someone lying on my tummy and rubbing it when it's growling, or that I'm listening to someone elses tummy. I'm glad to hear Im not the only one :)

  • Aww, I wish I could talk to you and listen. :D

  • Hey I have a tummy growl fetish to! I have accepted it though! If you want to hear mine check out my YouTube channel Dramaqueen325 :-)

  • i checked them! not bad. :)

  • I am a 17 year old guy and I have same fetish. :D I dislike the gas related stuff, but I just think it's cute when a cute girl's tummy growls deeply or hungrily. God, I just would imagine cuddling with someone and just listen to their stomach gurgle growl and groan madly for food. Strange, but I like it. xD And I've been having too much fun commenting...

  • omg im the same but im a 17 year old female and i like male stomach growls, its so strange i havn't told anyone

  • My sisters know about mine. -.-' unfortunately...

    You got any way for me to chat with ya? :o

  • Sorry i took so long to reply im the 17 year old girl btw XD I have a deviantart account, my name is anime-stuffer-fics and it is an account based purly on this fetish i have, if anyone wants to add mei ts fine ^-^

  • Of course its normal. Abstract fetishes are one of those many wonders of the world that can't be explained. Everybody has one, even the people who said you are sick. Whether its feet, pregnancy, male pregnancy, stomacs, armpits, BDSM, etc etc, they are all fetishes. I myself also have a fetish for stomach sounds.

  • Im exactly the same way (: Awesome

  • I'm like that too, but I like it when guys listen to my stomach growl. like if they were to lie their head on my tummy while it was hungry or upset. Its really weird how it turns me on just thinking about it haha.

  • I would listen to your tummy if I could. :/3

  • same :(

  • to add to me post by me above this: I usually like sounds when I know the person is in some sort of pain. For example, i love the long, loud growls of hunger; knowing they are suffering from the convulsions of the stomach. Another example is when they ate too much. I dislike burping or gas. Just to know their stomach is stretched and to hear it groan away. And last but not least is full on upset stomach noises. Stomach aches. The sounds of their meal rushing through their system knowing it brings them pain gets me off. I don't know why....I doubt I ever will. I wish psychologists knew the reason behind fetishes developing. All i know is that the sounds used to bother me. My stomach also growls very loudly lol. I'd get very embarassed because when i get hungry in class or with friends, my stomach can be heard 20 feet away. I don't get turned on in public. I too get embarassed and almost defensively angry when people talk about how hungry they are, how good food tastes, the mmmmm noises they make when they eat something good, etc. It's almost as if this fetish developed to help me not become upset by growls....strangest damn thing i've ever had to deal with. You can't really go into detail with anyone in REAl life to try to feel better about yourself, either haha

  • Ditto to all of this =P

  • I don't know how old this post is, but i too have a stomach growling fetish. The gender doesn't matter, but i'm bicurious anyway lol. I remember actually crying when someone would have an upset stomach in a movie such as the movie Bringing down the house when Steve Martin was given laxatives and you could hear his stomach churning and groaning. I was 8 when this movie came out. Stomach noises used to bring me feelings of shame and bother me greatly. I also remember in the Dennis the Menace movie, the bad guy was fed a huge pot of beans and his stomach was swollen and he looked to be in agony. I have no idea how my resentment for the sounds as a child turned into this, but once i finally owned a laptop a few years later, I became curious. I went on youtube and found a plethora of stomach growling videos to my excitement. i can't m********* to regular p***. In fact, I can't o***** while having s** or getting fingered. I'll get h**** and everything but I never finish. The only thing that makes me finish is watching these videos alone. I told my boyfriend about the fetish and he loves me and doesn't have a problem with it. he even knows i use youtube to m*********. He doesnt, however, know that they're the only thing that satisfy me. I also have desires to play with his navel, with my fingers and my tongue. Or to jack him off while i rest my head on his stomach. It's sick, I know. But at least I'm harming no one. I just wish I could m********* to regular p*** and to o***** during s**. I find fetishes to be a curse more than a privaledge.

  • I have the same thing!! I felt like I was the only one for a long, long time, and then I found various videos on youtube. Ah, the wonders of google! But yeah, same thing happens to me when someone's stomach growls, or I'm watching something on tv and stomach noises come on. Red face, feeling of embarrassment...sometimes I even feel ashamed. There are places for people to connect over this, though. =) is one of them. There's lots of sections devoted to a stomachache fetish, but there's an entire part for people who love stomach noises. It's a really accepting community. Check it out! =D

    And...haha, ditto on the boyfriend/crush thing. When my boyfriend's stomach growls I get turned on, but I have no idea how I'd let him know. I don't think I ever will, but maybe someday it'll happen.

  • Ooh I'm there too! Haha! What's your SN there, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Evertbody has a Fetish yours is normal and common and expecially is not at all violent.
    People who said that you are sick are probably worst than you.
    Don't worry you are absolutely normal

  • Wow. I feel the same. Except I'm a girl attracted to guys. It's embarassing when it happens to me in front of other peope or if the subject comes up among family or friends. But it's a major turn on when I'm with this one guy I like. And I'm a bit scared that he's onto me because I'll be cuddling with him, laying on his stomach and it'll be growling alot because he's really hungry and he'll wanna get up to go get food and I won't let him. Haha. On one hand, I'm scared he's onto me and on the other hand, it's so obscure, how on Earth woud he immediatly just suspect "Oh, she's not letting me get up because my stomach is rumbling and she likes it." But I digress...

  • (Fan girl scream) AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • the same thing happens to me i do the same with my boyfriend. idk i just like it but

  • Aww. Does he know?

  • No,i don't want to tell him he'll think im werid.but there was this one time he had skiped lunch and his stomach started growling like crazy anyways after school i decided to hang out with him in his house we got bored and decided to watch a movie and we started cuddling and i heard a loud growl.he looked up at me embrassed and i poked his stomach teassing him lol idk why but i found it cute when guys stomach growl xD

  • Aww. :3

    I have a liking to stomach growling too. I have no idea why, but it seems cute to me. o.o wish I could IM with any girls here who are fond to talk about this, cos I'm a guy. X). Yes, I am weird like that...

  • *squee* I would talk to you, if you wanted... X3

  • Do you have an email or Skype? :3

  • Seriously??? Gahhh I wish I could meet you guys because I feel so alien in this. But I've been doing it since I was little too.
    So strange...haha. Nice to see I'm not the only one. :)

  • It's nice finding out you're not alone in this oddity... :D

  • omg I am totally the same, it is amazing that so many people are like me LOL! i thought i was the weirdest person ever! i am even turned on just by reading this haha.

  • i feel exatly the same way. i've just never abbmited it to anyone till now. i had no idea there were other teens out there with a fetish for hot womens stonach sounds. i'm glad i'm not alone.

  • omg idk why either but i have felt the same exact way:l i just cant help it, when ever i hear hunger noises i feel like i wanna hav s**:l and even when i was lil i even remeber doing wierd stuff wen i heard a hunger growl and my mom would always catch me and get mad at me for doing that. and when ever i hear stomach growls and im around other people i feel really awkward so i just walk away. idk why, maybe some of us are just born with different bodies and different hormones that make us do different things.

  • OH MY GAWD I'm just like you!
    Maybe I have a some stomach fetish or something, But I've always wanted to meet a man with a small beer belly whilst it growling while he rubs it or preferably I do.
    I, too, go on YouTube and looks for videos. Except I don't m*********. I think it'd be better to wait when I'm legal and find myself a small-beer bellied man who rarely eats and lets me rub his belly. <3
    I also get embarrassed when someone bring up the subject and my face turns red. My face also turns red when someone's stomach growls during a test because I get an o***** while I do my work.
    I've had this since I was in elementary school.

  • HEY, same girl! I can't believe it's been a WHILE since I last posted here! Anyways, if anyone's interested to know, I found myself a nice guy and we've been dating for over a year. His cute beerbelly-like tummy is a plus! I let him know of my fetish right away so he won't think I'm a weirdo. He doesn't mind it at all! When he sees me looking sad while standing up, he'll lift his shirt up and ask me to rub it! When I'm sitting down and looking sad, he'll lift up his shirt and bump his tummy next to my face! I hug and and kiss it very happily. <3 He has the most perfect tummy and tummy growls!!

  • hey, i'm also a teenage girl and i do the same thing. like seriously. when people bring it up or my stomach growls in public i get so embarassed, and it doesn't turn me on at all. but outside of that, i like to look it up online. you aren't alone, and i have noo idea why this happens but yeah i'm the same way.

  • This guy Ive been dating had a gurgly stomach the first night we went to bed together. I commented on it and he seemed embarrased but I told him I kinda thought it was cute. The next night I spent a lot of time playing with his belly button and rubbing inside his hips a bit, as his belly gurgled away. I think it was happily digesting. He had eaten a bunch of meatballs and bread. He has a smooth belly, pretty slim but not too much. Anyway, I was happy he let me do this and enjoy his gurgling belly, but then last night he actually put his hand on my belly when we were laying next to eachother in the dark. He actually started massing it, like pressing into it. I think he might like the same thing. Every time he pressed and it made a gurgle, he would follow the bubble across my intestines and press it again, then push deep in my belly button to make more little noises. He did this for like 20 minutes a couple different times, so Im thinking he actually enjoys it as much as I do? We didnt say anything about it while it was happening, I was being quiet to make sure he could hear the noises. I know for sure he could feel liquid and air moving inside me.

  • This same guy was over recently and got really drunk. He ate a whole pack of whole hot dogs, and I dared him to swallow a couple half-hotdogs whole. Later he layed on my bed with his shirt off and I could hear constant bubbling in his guts. I put my hand on his lower belly and could feel his intestines moving under my palm. His stomach was also moaning as it tried to break down all the hod dogs. This basically lasted all night, it was cool to listen to his belly digesting all that food.

  • This guy Charles once stayed over. He's 21. He had just eaten a bunch of chinese food and layed down on the bed. I lifted up his shirt and exposed his tan little belly, which I could already hear churning and squirting. I cupped my hand across it and felt long gurgles pulsing across his tummy. His intestines were going crazy to make room for all that food, it was very liquidy.

  • Another time Charles stayed over. He ate a huge BBQ bacon burger from Carls JR with a large coke and fries too. His belly is so tiny but it was all swollen out when we laid down to bed. It was a few hours after we ate, and he was laying on his side. I lifted back his shirt and exposed his belly, and could already hear little squirts and gurgles. Heat radiated out from his stomach as it worked h****** his meal. Suddenly a burst of squirts and moans as his stomach fought against gravity, since he was on his left side, to push the half-digested burger out and into his intestines. A minute later another groan moved up his belly, and then a sequence of sloshing and percolating and gurgling as his intestines filled up. At this point I put my hand on his gut and could feel the heat all the digestion was making, along with the pulses and bubbling of his guts. His stomach moaned again, pushing more food and gas deeper into his system, causing more bloops and gurgles. When I finally put my ear on his belly I was met with an amazing symphony of digestion, like a waterfall of digesting food being segmented and rumbled along.

  • i wouldnt say it's normal... but it seems harmless. Why do you care if it's 'normal'? its not like you'd make it public. don't let it get to you.

  • I don't believe in "normal", since there is not even a true definition for it. :D Everyone is weird in their own way.

  • hi.
    they're all a bit crazy, the people that are yelling at you on here.
    i don't think it's normal,
    but my x boyfriend did the same thing sort of.
    but he force me not to eat when i was staying at his house.
    i'm not sure if it's so bad, if you never hurt anyone else with it.
    i kinda feel the same about it now, ilike i adopted his attitude or something.
    just as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, or yourself, i'd ssay you're probably okay.
    don't take any notice of those flamers, okay.


  • I have the same, but I laughed at the disgusted commenters. It's weird, but it's not harming anyone. There are worse paraphilias out there. I feel weird when it's brought up too---like someone says they are hungry or I hear growling--think because it catches me by surprise or makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes me think of how I have this fetish--and strangely enough, I don't get turned on or anything--I just act and feel like normal or laugh if they laugh.

  • i have to confess, i am exactly the same. ignore the rest, they dont understand

  • Hey, I have stomach growling fetish. It is NOT, by any means, the worst thing out there.

    IMPORTANT: Under "Leave a comment," it says... "Please have consideration for the confessee when making a comment." NONE of you have respected that. If you're going to flame her, don't come here at all.

  • Hello guys, I finally found a forum of stomach lovers. I am a young woman who loved the guys stomach and the sound of the stomach. I live with my boyfriend who is very sexy and fun. He knows about my belly fetish and accept it without feeling weird. He has a stocky body, with a height of 190 centimeters. Slightly muscular and he has a flat belly, hairy, stocky but soft and comfortable when used as a pillow. Not to forget also, he has a handsome face and manly! One day we went to dinner at a famous restaurant with a very spicy cuisine. I like spicy, but not extreme like the one in this restaurant. He ordered a large portion of fried rice which is very spicy and immediately ate it up. After that, he ordered a pint of beer and drank straight until no trace a drop. At home we went straight to sleep because of exhaustion. Around dawn I was surprised by my boyfriend who suddenly ran into the bathroom. Shortly afterwards he came back and I asked "are you okay, honey?". "Nope" he said, "My belly hurts. It's burning and i think i had a diarrhea" he said, grimacing as he stroked his belly. "Poor you, dear, lie down". Then he opened his shirt and lay down next to me and i began massaging his stomach. his stomach is very bloated and lots of loud noise was heard, made me blushing. While massaging his belly, I put my ear on his stomach, just above the navel. Various kinds of sound heard, and the loudest coming from the navel and bellow the navel, where his intestines moaning with a loud roar and watery sound, a little gross to imagine, but the strangely my fetish satisfied. "Ooooh ... God .. it hurts .." he complained. I then "played" by pressing the belly and it sounded like water surging and I chuckled. "You enjoy it, huh?" he said, smiling as he stroked my hair. "Y .. Yes .. of course" I said. "Keep sleeping on my stomach and massage it ok? Because its reducing the pain" he sad again. "My pleasure" I said, smiling happily and i drifted to sleep from the lullaby his belly made.

  • yeah your completely right on both

  • shut the f*** up, what kind of person basically lives on this site anyway?

  • no, before then it was just references on tv. and im serious, why would i joke about it?

  • No it's not normal. You are a sick freak. But atleast you are not doing animals. That's the next step in your sick sexual evolution.


  • I think its normal for some people to be full of s***, like yourself.

  • One time a friend stayed over and hadnt s*** in a few days. His belly was making all sorts of noises because he had just eaten a lot and it was all trying to find room.

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