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My husband and I have been married for 12 years all is good and we have a nice live together but last year my hubby turned 45 and his s** drive seems to have disappeared he no longer wakes up hard in the mornings and doesn't pester me any more for s**, I've recently found him looking at erectile dysfunction on his tablet and wondered how to approach the subject with him as don't want to make him feel embarrassed. He did ask me about 9 months ago if I wanted to try a different person as we've been married for 12 years and if I wanted to try someone different which I think he is saying as all of this is connected not sure how to approach the subject any ideas ? Confused lady


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  • Get a big dog they are cleaner,and will not give you stds, dogs have a different ph.

  • Don't be confused. Have a great time. Go all the way and try a black guy you'll never forget the experience

  • I have sent him to the doctors to get v***** we will see what happens fingers crossed he's hard and h**** lol

  • He wants you to f*** another guy. You need to cash in that winning lottery ticket girl, before it expires.

  • He wants you to f*** someone else and tell him all the lovely details, I was in a similar situation and my husband suggested I f*** his best friend. I text his friend asking if they had discussed sexual things about me, he confirmed that they had, I then asked if he wanted to f*** me and he said yes. I requested a pick of his erect c***, it was impressive fat and circumcised, I walked into the lounge naked, handed hubby my phone and told him to take a picture of me. He did and I sent it to his friend. An hour later I was in his bed f*** I got him.
    I came home that evening and told hubby all the details and kissed him with my spunky breath as I sucked him off just before I left.
    That was two years ago and I have f*** 20 different men and 1 woman

  • Any BBC's ? Please give details if so

  • A couple but prefer white c***

  • It sounds like he's given you the open door. First, you need clarity on your own thoughts. What do you want? Are you good with things as they are? Do you want more? What are you willing to do?

  • People who have been married for some time tend to lose interest in mundane s**. Men or women, it doesn't matter. He's trying to find something that will kick start your s** life, but the problem is he's too ashamed to talk to you about it. You need to just take over and start offering up ideas to kick start it. Do things like sexy nights out on the town in sexy dress. Make him leave as you get ready and then have him come back to pick you up. Like a real date when you first got together. You have to get back to where you were when both of you lusted after each other. When you get back there, you'll find out he doesn't need drugs. Word of caution, don't sleep with another guy. Not even if he wants you to. It only leads to divorce.

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