Our son is puberting

Hi, I'm 34 and I have a son of 13. I'm parttime working from home office, so I'm here for the kids (we have a girl of 8 too). over the last weeks our son grows more and more into puberty. What I have registered upto now:
> he leaves the door of the bath open, when he is showering or washing
> he walks from door to bath in the nude
> the boxershorts I find used in his room have all dryed marks of s**** in it
> even on the sheets of his bed I saw them
> I sometimes miss some of my underwear
> I found underwear of our daughter in his room
> I found some magazines in his schoolbag ( pornomags with c**** and c****, b******* and f******)
> I'm nearly sure that he has found the secret boy in the drawer in our bedroom (emberassing!)
> I caught him in front of the bathroom door during his sister showering
> I think (I have no proof) he looks throught the keyhole, when I'm showering too
I don't know, that it's all he did but it's all I know about until today. I have to confess, I like it somehow seeing him in that state. And I even confess, when I'm in the bath or alone in my bedroom, I "play" with it. I stay longer in the nude and I more often wear sexy underwear. at each time I hope, he sits outside and watch me.

Hi to all of you outside - men and women!
What have you done during puberty or what did your kids do?
Please tell me. even about girls, it will come to us in some years too.

I would love to hear your experiences.


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  • All the excitement of puberty.
    -I would leave my bathroom door ajar when I take a shower.
    -In the shower I would lather up my C*** and B****.
    -Oh the feel of lacy panties around my C***.
    -The tight pantyhose feels so erotic with no underwear on.
    -Washer in the cellar - perfect to m********* and C** in her panties before being washing (always volunteer to take the laundry downstairs.)
    -Can't help staring at tight crotches or short skirts/dresses.
    -Love feeling my C*** get hard, just have to touch it.
    -Love when girls (mom too) wears short skirts (with or without panties on), tight jeans (that show her P**** lips outline), loose shorts (where you can see her panties or naked p****.)
    -Loved it when Mom leaves the door ajar when she changes.
    -Love it when I'm hard and mom comes in to say goodnight and sees my h****** under the covers.
    -Enjoyed rubbing her feet especially when she has a skirt on.
    -had a couple pictures that exposed her panties under a short skirt that I would M********* with.
    I still enjoy ...
    -lathering up in the shower.
    -looking at sexy clothing (short skirts (with without panties), Tight fitting pants that exposes her P**** outlines.
    -shorts that open legs exposing her P**** or Lacy underwear
    -giving tender massage on their necks , feet, and legs.
    -woman double takes or staring at the bulge in my pants.

  • Sniffing my sisters and mothers panties the first time I shot a load was with a pair of my mothers panties ..momspantysniffer

  • Do you get aroused by the taboo voyeurism, or do you fantasize about him? When I was 12 just before puberty I used to watch my friends older sister on the toilet...just seeing her bush made me h****! God, how I fantasized she'd seduce or teach me...

  • OP: I don't say I would rape or abuse him but yes, it makes me wet to think about all these developments

  • Better have a talk with him that you'll kill him if he masturbates or touches his sister. It's your duty to protect her!

  • I used to do the same to my mother until she told me i needed to stop. a few years later i talked her into showing me how to put on a condom.

  • Sounds like a normal 13 year old boy.

    If you like teasing him, which you are kind off doing, you could find out if he has any fetishes.

    When I was that age, I already had my women-wearing-satin fetish. I sniffed both my sisters dirty panties, j***** off in their and mom's satin clothing,...

  • Take the boy suck , f*** , and all you wanna do with him .enjiy yourself
    Have the Sad do the same to the 8yr old girl
    Then have a family day every week for 18yrs .

  • Love the bit about dad doing the daughter, she would be lovelyntight

  • My parents had not taken any interest in whether I masturbated or not but every time I did I felt depressed and weak. I married a lovely woman and we talked about it. She was very keen that I learn to control myself and as we both believed in NFP (Natural Family Planning) and not to use contraception but abstinence we tried lots of things. Once we had had two children and realised that we could not afford more we really tried a few things. The most effective was to rub it using numbing cream. We surmised that if we could make it hard to reach o***** then the body would learn. We also tried various other approaches to numb it. Some toothpastes were very painful but seemed to desensitise it. For a long time it seemed that the various numbing treatments were effective for a few days and even a week but that gradually the sensitivity would return. Whenever I felt the sensitivity return I would with her supervising of course to ensure I did not accidentally lose control, rub in the numbing cream. I had to also deal with a psycological challenge as well as I went thorough quite a period of feeling inadequate. But gradually got over that. Now more than ten years since my last o***** my p**** rarely gets hard and is actually quite insensitive. It feels a bit like when you've had a local anaesthetic.

  • My mother caught me peeking through her bedroom window one time and made it a point of giving me a show. She fondled and squeezed her beautiful t*** and fingered her p**** until she had an o*****. To my 15 year old eyes it was awesome. I stroked my c*** feverishly and shot my wad all over a gnome statue in the garden. When I got back into the house she called to me to help her move her dresser, and when I walked into her bedroom she was still naked, and she motioned me to her with her finger. I'll never forget what she said, "If you want to beat your meat while watching me, just let me know." She knelt before me, pulled my pants down and took my stiffening d*** into her mouth. It was incredible! She sucked every drop from my groin and swallowed it all. That was just the beginning of the best two years of my life, and Mom no longer feels lonely.

  • Your son sounds like a typical 13 yr old boy. I was that way myself. My friends were all that way as well. All those raging hormones mess with the head strongly. It will run it's course. We knew what our sons were up to and gave them their space. I found my back massager in one sons room and just left it there and never asked about it. He had it for a couple years I think? I truly felt sorry for them knowing what they are going thru and living with a step mom that looks like she does. She is the type my sons friends would come over and constantly hang around her and they would ask a lot of questions about her to my sons. You get the picture?
    We knew they had snooped through our room and looked at our personal s ex
    dvd's and drives that have those type pictures of us on them. They went thru the toys and we knew they had been moved about. We said nothing about it.
    Some of the responses already posted here is pure horse shyt.

  • There is some crap on here and you can tell which are fake. I like to give opinions rather than anything else. I feel that mother's should step up and teach their sons about s**, especially at this age. Not just theory lessons but also practical s** lessons as well. I think this would be very beneficial for boys and their future relationships.

  • I would like to have your daughters knickers too

  • She is 8. Get a life

  • PERFECT!! if she has a baby sis I want hers too

  • I was the same when I was 13 I was masturbating Al the time at least 5/6 times a day,my mum caught me sniffing her soiled panties in my bed a few times and didn't say anything she came in my bedroom one day I was just on the point of spunking and couldn't stop ,I was laying on top of the bed so couldn't hid anything she watched me shooting my s**** over the crutch of her panties where her stains was,I just laid back as she smiled and said did you enjoy that,I just nodded,she took the panties and went into her bedroom,I have the feeling she was h**** after watching me and masturbated herself in her bedroom. She left her soiled panties in my bedroom sometimes for me to w*** over.

  • My mom watched me m********* several times using her panties.

    Then on night,she came in my room wearing her robe, and opened it up. She was naked except for her panties, she sat on the bed. Then started masterbating herself through her panties, I got hard, but she said, "No not yet, let me c** first ".

    Mom really started masterbating, saying my name over and over, and few minutes later came hard. I saw the front of her white cotton panties get wet.

    Then she slid them off and handed them to me, and said "Your turn".

    I rapped the panties around my c*** and jerked off. I watched Mom start to play with herself again, and soon came again.

    Finally I came mixing my c** with hers in the panties.

    Mom got up and gave me a long deep kiss. "That was fun Sweetie. We can do this every night now."

    We did it for two months, then one night mom wore very sheer black panties and was very h****. Just before I came took my c*** in her mouth, her panties covered the head.

    When I came she sucked my c** through the panties. At that moment her body shuttled and had a squirting o******.

    We have s** regularly now, but most of the time it oral, with her swallowing my c** through a pair of used sheer panties.

    She c** very very hard.

    It 15 years now, I'm 30 and Mom is 50.

    I also got her pregnant when she was 40.

    I love my Mom.

  • It's okay to m*********, but tell him he needs to do it only in his room and clean up properly (i.e., not with clothes). Have a talk with him about s**, tell him p*** is not reality, and tell him to stay away from p**** until he is over 18. Even then he needs to be in a relationship with a proper Christian value system. Remind him that it is okay to have a girlfriend and kiss, but they need to keep their pants on at all times. Good luck.

  • I agree that he should be kept away from p*** but I think the mother should teach him about s** physically in the comfort and safety of their own house using birth control. This is a great bonding and loving experience for a mother and son. I don't see a better way for a boy to learn.

  • When I hit puberty, my mom bought me plastic pants and told me that would contain the mess and not make the bed sticky. I used to wear them to bed and because they were nice and slippery I would rub against them and have the most amazing o*****. Then in the morning, I would have a shower and take them off and rinse them. I would leave them hanging in the shower to dry. When they were dry, mom would put them back under my pillow with my pyjamas ready for the next night.

  • We do not permit masturbation and we have him always leave doors open so he is constantly supervised.

  • By denying him m***********, are you hoping fullfill one of your rape fantasies by driving him to this act? What other life sustaining experiences do upu deny him? Breathing? Eating? Do you allow ??him any form of release at all? Like using the toilet once in a while? Do you supervise those activities as well?

  • We ensure he always busy and supervised. No time to be idle. We began to speak and pray with him well before puberty so he knew this challenge was coming. We have a baby monitor with camera in his room and his door is always open so he knows not to even try to give into to the pressure.

  • Sounds like you like thinking about him, how far would you go??

  • My 15 yo boy sometime joins me in the shower. He is in boxer and I in bra holding my 40 yrs of little sagging b**** and panties. We soap each others body and very often we end up being h**** as I could see his bulge tough his wet boxer. I could see shades of bis brown hairs above the bulge too. One day, I wanted to see them - he was too willing and I pulled down his boxer to his knee. I asked him whether he ever shaved them - he never did. I offered him to shave his bush, he was too excited. I brought a razor and shaved his bush clean including those on the ball sack. His hard-on just throbbing with drops of precum glistening along his pee slit. I could not resist but give a head. Within a couple minutes he came in gushes. From then on it was routine for me to give him bj. I also taught him to shave my p**** clean and how to suck on them. After a couple of months we have full s** at lest couple times a month!

  • Way to go lol
    Now how bout some pics of your nasty self
    I'll get a hard I'm In sure
    Ps I shave

  • You are a good mommy take good care of that boy

  • Planning to have full s** with him when he turns 18 ... Now we often sleep in the same bed and sometime let him suck on my b****. He is yet to touch my p**** excepting shaving it while in shower together.

  • Quite normal in the puberty phase for boys. They want to show off this change and at the same time want learn about eroticism within home. Either take it easy or join him in the fun. Getting shower together should be fun while exploring each others body!

  • Hi, when I hit puberty I was very interested in my mum and took every opportunity to see her naked etc. My mum took notice of what was happening with me and sexual activity began between me. It started with masturbation, then progressed to oral s** and quickly moved on to intercourse over a period of time. This made puberty a wonderful and exciting time for me. It was a fantastic way to learn about s** and I felt very supported by my mum.

  • I love when he e********* in my hand - the sticky feeling lingers my mind for whole day...

  • Bs you like it in the mouth hiscum dripping off your chin

  • Can I f*** you mum

  • Yes son xx

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