I like to flash drivers when I’m driving at night

So I’ve been feeling myself a lot lately and sometimes I’ll go for a drive usually at night and wear something really slutty white shirt no bra I’ll make sure to stop at a gas station and fill up and flaunt my slutty outfit and once I’m on the freeway I’ll fold my shirt up to my chest where it’s hardly covering my nipples and I’ll drive and flash truck drivers and drivers that look attractive and sometimes old men. It’s such a turn on to me when I see them looking and not look away and once I have their attention I play with my nipples and they speed up and just keep watching me. Truck drivers are my favorite to flash. I had one attractive black guy I flashed as he was taking the exit and he saw last minute got off the freeway and then got back on and caught up to me and I flashed him again and smiled and I played and pinched my nipples and he was begging for me to pull over wish I did just to cross getting f***** my a stranger off my list but I haven’t worked up the courage yet

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  • Wow, I thought I was the only woman who did that. Except I don't live next to s freeway. About 10pm I strip off my clothes and put on only a bathrobe. I drive around town with the robe open while I rub myself. There are several gas stations I visit where I happily expose myself to the attendant. I let one guy bend me over the counter in his store one night. We got caught by another customer who just turned and walked out.

  • I've begun doing that as well. I just did a post on how I do that in the car. It's an indescribable adrenaline rush

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