Out of control

Hello everyone. I am a black male and I think I'm the biggest pervert out there. Why? Well, I think that my d*** controls my life. When I was 12 I started popping hard ons and couldn't figure out what the h*** was going on. I only knew that when I played with it, my d*** felt so good. One day I thought I would just keep stroking my d*** to see what would happen. Oh God, I really found out. After visiting encyclopedias and dictionaries to figure things out, I was hooked for life. It was so erotic watching my d*** swell up while laying in bed, kneeling on the floor or standing at the toilet. After discovering nudie magazines, erotic novels and later the internet, I found that I cannot keep my hands off my d***. I would lose many hours of sleep teasing my d*** and holding off as long as possible. I loved feeling how hard it would get and how shiny my d******* would get just before my b**** would release my cumload as my d*** throbbed. Up over my face, down my chest and stomach my c** would fly finally pooling into my groin hairs. I discovered how sensitive my nipples were, the ballgame went to a higher level. I could c** by simply ticking them and tightening my butt muscles. Over time I developed a few fetishes. I will name a couple. One which started when I attended junior, senior and college schools. I became obsessed with peeking up the dresses of white women. I would get a h****** when I'd catch sight of women with crossed legs. Stocking tops and garter straps make me so h****. I think it was the contrast between stockings and those luscious white thighs. I would have to keep my books in front of my groin to hide my bloated d*** as i went from class to class. Then I would make a beeline for home. Once there, I would beat my meat and groan as I came, with images of white thighs and stocking tops in my head. Over time I became fixated looking at p*** which showed pretty erotic things. I love seeing women of any nationality spreading their p****** open and showing their shiny insides. I get off watching videos or pics of them bending over and showing their big buttcheeks. Love it when they grip those cheeks and pull them apart revealing puckered a******* or slimy p******. Finally, because when I was younger I used to enjoy the feeling of s*******. I would sometimes clinch my buttcheeks together and strain while getting aroused as s*** would slide through and plop into the water. Jerking off as my s*** slid out made c****** more draining. I would be left so weak. Now I j*** off to videos online of women s******* in what ever capacity. Not a fan of s*** eating. But seeing those women bending over, kneeling, or laying on their stomachs s******* on towels, toilet rims, floors, food or outdoors really turn me on. I have several p*** sites I have favored. I could relate more, but I will stop here cause I am so h**** after confessing all of this. I am such a pervert!

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