It's so frustrating

I do not think religion can solve my problem. What problem? I am a hopeless masturbator. Ever since I was 12 and had my first o***** I cannot keep from beating my poor d***. I found an old playboy magazine and when I unfolded the centerfold, Oh f***! Those naked t***, a**** and those luscious p****** drove me to lusty heights I never new before. I came from a religious family and I felt that jerking off would surely be a sure ticket to h***. So every time I'd feel my d*** get hard I would pray and pray that I would keep my hands off my h**** meat. I would fell over and over. Day after day, night after night, I would spend hours edging myself to mind blowing o****** with c** flying everywhere. I would get the guilts and pray to stop stroking my d***. I realized after a few years that I would be beating my h**** meat for the rest of my life. I am not complaining because there is nothing like grunting and groaning through great j*** off sessions. Religion can help folks in some areas. But in helping me keep my hands from gripping my hard meat it was a no go. I will be beating my d*** tonight just to let you all know.

Nov 12, 2019

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  • Why not play with yourself ? I've had several girls play with me and that's fun too. Don't feel guilty! With all the pretty girls on the internet you can enjoy pulling on your p****. Which girls do you like to look at? MILFs, young, Chinese,
    small or tall? Enjoy the sensuous life.

  • Thank you for being supportive. I especially like asian girls.

  • I m********* our elderly neighbour, he is a h**** widower with an enormous erection.
    It started one day when I was doing his cleaning, I was in his lounge bending over, I had a tight skirt on and had pulled it up slightly to reach down to the carpet and pick something up. I looked behind me and saw he was sitting there with his stiffy out. it was the biggest I'd ever seen!!
    He apologised, I told him not to and walked over and stroked it and Oh! Wow, it felt good. I felt sexy, he asked to see my panties, I lifted my skirt and felt this enormous erection swell in my hand, I had passed the point of no return, I spread my legs either side of his, held his d*** and rubbed him off. As he came I had an o***** the like of which I had forgotten about.
    He now pays me for the extra service and he is only a stroke away from having full intercourse with me as I o***** lots of times now and want it bin me.

  • I think you need a babysitter to supervise you 24/7

  • I hope she's really young and pretty.

  • I would be happy to m********* you so you don't have to feel guilty about doing it to yourself.

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