Diapered 24/7

I am 38 year old man it all started when I noticed my butt would leak a lil and seep I had a bed wetting problem til I was 14. I went to the doctor for my lungs issues I have had asthma for a long time. I coughed hard and totally soaked and crapped my pants right in front of the doctor and nurse and my wife. Totally embarrassed they helped me clean up and my wife told them I did this alot. The doctor prescribed me to be in adult briefs. I have been in them now for 3 years. My wife and family keep me in them and treat me like I am a baby. I p*** and pee in them all the time now. I have been diagnosed with COPD and IBS with chronic diarrhea. The most recent embarrassing episode was during my sleep apnea study where after reading my chart the nurse kept asking me if I needed a change because I was farting in my sleep. The next morning I was shocked to see I pooped and wet during the night. She suggested to my wife to put me in a nursing home.

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  • If your wife and you can coup then the nurse should be advising your wife to put you in a nursing home!

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