Moms and Aunts please answer honestly

Moms and aunts, have you ever intentionally let your son or nephew see you naked? How did it first happen? Did it arouse you? When did you decide to undress for him? Please share your stories.



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  • I raised 2 boys and I didn't mind them seeing me when they were smaller. They often hung out while I was getting dressed or putting on makeup. I kept covered around them once they were school age. They were curious about b**** and v***** and there's nothing wrong with talking to them about anatomy from an early age.

  • You’re an amazing woman to be so understanding and to actually be open about your body. Did it affect or arouse your sons to see you nude? I don’t mean that to be taken in a perverse way.

  • No, nothing was arousing. Being nude in front of them taught them that boys and girls were different and they were so young that they had no sexual desire. I answered all of their questions, but I remember laughing when one of my sons said I must have an "innie" rather than an "outie" when he looked at my v*****, because he was an "outie (i.e. p****)." It was cute.

  • Lol. You’re definitely a great mother. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love to wear a sheer nightie and go into my sons room and kiss him good night. He usually gets an erection and sometimes i brush against it when I move my hand. Make me feel like a sexy teen again.

  • Sounds so hot. You sound like a sexy mom

  • I guess i first saw my Aunt naked when we were at a party. we were supposed to be going to a tractor pull, but my Uncle stopped by his friends house on the way. he got to drinking and they, y Aunt and Uncle, got into an argument and he took off, leaving us there. they fought all the time. anyways, she was a bit tipsy and decided to go walk it off and i tagged along. it started to rain and we ducked into a barn out behind the house. it was set up as a man cave, with furnityure a pool table and tv. anyways, my Aunt had always told me i was cute and what not, but we sat on the couch and she started in on that again. next thing i know she grabbed me and started kissing me. i was 11 years old and i wasnt gonna stop her. she is a tiny thing, about my height at the time and a small but banging body. tight and round in ALL the right places. one thing led to another and soon we were naked and after she had pushed me down between her legs and told and showed me what to do, she came and then went right down on me. NOT that she had to i was rock hard as soon as we started kissing. sh got me to the point where i was about to c** and she got up, laid down and pulled me on top of her. she said that they hadnt f***** in quite a while and she needed to feel it. so i climbed on and i guess i didnt last long but it was enough for her. we heard him pull back up in the drive way so we got dressed and went back inside. she said she was sorry for taking advantage of me like that, but i think i was the one taking advantage. she said she would never tell anyone about it, but she lied. she told another Aunt of mine and she wanted some too. that is another story.

  • I am an older gay gentleman who has a very nice 7" cut c***, gets rock hard. I would love to have s** with a woman and her gay son! My email is jbcarguy @ I am in the Daytona Beach area. I am very discreet and considerate, am considered by my friends to be a fine person.

  • Neither an aunt nor a mom but i remember one of my early memories was going swimming at my aunt and uncle's house. my mom helped me change into my one piece and in the room others were changing too. i saw d*** for the first time and it was my uncle who looked huge. i asked my mom about it and she just said he's a boy lol.

  • I saw my aunt naked when I was younger. I was 16 when my parents went out of town on a trip. Because they were going to be gone a couple weeks they wanted me to stay with my aunt and uncle. I protested but I lost.
    Week 1 was normal, week 2 my uncle got a call from a friend of his and had to go help move his mom back home, so he left. I was playing video games when I paused it to go pee. I walked into the bathroom and there was my aunt sitting on the toilet with the lid down and her legs wide open. She was naked using a vibrator on herself. I was shocked at first and couldn't move. I thought for sure she was about to yell at me, but she didn't. Actually she didn't say anything and just kept using the vibrator. I stood there and watched while she continued to have an o*****. When she was done she got up and walked past me to her bedroom. She was the first real woman I ever saw completely naked. That night I masturbated in the bathroom and I intentionally left the door unlocked hoping she would walk in and catch me in action. She didn't and nothing else ever happened.

  • At 17 yo, I unintentionally entered our bathroom to see my aunt (35 yo) p******. I was about to leave when she caught me by her hand and dragged me in, locked the door. She opened her shirt to show me her braless b**** and got nude and held my mouth against them and asked me to suck on her nips, while she stroking my hardening c***. I came in no time. From then on we used to f*** when we ished. thus went on for about 5 yrs - loved those time.

  • I walked around in naked in front of my son starting when he was 15. I said it was ok for him to do it too.

    A few weeks later we were watching TV on the sofa. He was looking at my b****, and his c*** got hard. I turned face him so he could she my whole body and got really close to him. I opened my legs so he could see my p****.

    I could tell he wanted to m*********, I said It's ok play with yourself. He only lasted 2 minutes, when he came he did it all over my b**** and belly.

    I said my turn now, and masterbated in front of him. He started getting hard again as I did it. When I came he was rock hard again.

    I decided what the h***, I'm soaking wet and climbed on top. He c*** is way bigger than his father's. I rode him for 10 minutes. Before I could say don't come in me, he came. At that moment I came harder than i had every c** in my life. Knowing my son had c** in me was mind blowing.

    We having been doing this for 5 years now. When my son was 16, he made me pregnant. And again when he was 18. We have two daughters.

    I'm only 40, I want him to impregnate me again. We never use protection.

    I love my son so much. He is perfect and as is his magnificent 8 inch thick c***.

  • Where is your husband?Does he enjoy watching?

  • I'd like to be friends with your daughters mommy

  • I want to be your son, mommy

  • I believe my mother used to do it when I was a boy. She was a stay-at-home mom in her thirties with a nice figure. Our family was always casual about nudity. My two sisters, myself and parents often dressed together by the heater on cold mornings. We never closed the door when bathing in the only bathroom so others could use the toilet.
    When my friends would visit me, my mother would often decide to take a bath. She left the door open and told my 10-12 year old guy friends, it's OK to come in and use the toilet when she bathed. She never covered her ample, pendulous mammaries nor dark, hairy pudenda.
    That was normal in our family and I thought nothing of it at the time. But when I got older, I began to understand why I was so popular. I had many buddies who would visit and pee in the bathroom while my mother bathed totally bare.

  • I have let my son see me naked on several occasions in the hope he may be interested in s**, especially as he got older. Unfortunately neither of us seemed brave enough to cross that line set by society. Stupid isn't it?

  • It's never too late

  • True

  • Why does it turn you on?

  • How old are you mom

  • It's the family s** vibe.

  • Send ur email id

  • My email is

  • My email is

  • Did it arouse you for your son to see you naked? Did you get wet?

  • Totally, that's why I let him see me naked. I would of loved for us to make love.

  • Why didnt you just say something or make a mice?

  • I know, :(

  • Wow 🤗

  • That’s incredibly hot!! I wish I was your son, we would definitely cross that line.

  • Thank you for your kind words ;)

  • Would you consider exchanging pictures? I have always fantasized about a mature woman letting me see her nude.

  • I would want my mom to be like you or even my sisters

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