To male adolescent virgins...

As a female adolescent non-virgin who's had some experience, I'd like to consider myself at least decent at this s*** as a teenager. But my worst experience was not losing it, it was dealing with timid virgins. So here's some tips guys, if you're about to up ur game for the first time with a girl ;)

1. oh god. please don't ask me for permission.
My tongue is in your mouth correct? I'm reaching for your pants (if I'm naturally good or fairly experienced) correct? I'm wet af correct? So u can basically do whatever u want to me. as long as you're not abusing me or doing anything overboard or weird. Go down on me if you want to. Play with those t*** u fantasize. You don't need to keep it at first base for 10 f****** minutes. it'd be awkward for you to ask for permission during passionate stuff Which brings me to the second point.
really, don't keep it at first base for 10 f****** minutes. I'm not going to baby you. I cant control where you touch me or when. If your partner is a virgin she won't even KNOW how to pace you cuz she doesn't know when things happen. It's way too awkward for me to tell you "ok jimmy u can touch my t*** now"
3. F****** look for signals already.
I unhooked my bra didn't I? or I was naked to start with. So start with those t***. I let you take off my bottoms didn't I? So eat that p**** already. Idk about virgins when I was a virgin I didn't think of these signals and s***. But now if the guys going too slow I'd just either undress him or tell him to undress me.
4. For gods sakes calm down. Score confidently. Being timid doesn't earn u p****. Being gentle does tho, especially if she's a v. No they don't co exist.



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  • Don't ask for my permission? Are you okay? Consent is a necessary part of s**, without it; its rape even if you both think you're enjoying it you need verbal consent! Don't complain that the guys you have s** with don't want to be arrested lmao

  • What have you gained since you began to f*** guys?

  • I read your narration with deep sense of empathy. A lot of folks have had enough confusion from a "confused world" to last for a life time! Lack of "personal identity" can bore oneself sick even to having suicide thoughts . Have I once considered suicide in my life? Yes and indeed, many folks you see that walk the streets are full of challenges and pains that were inflicted or innate. In my own case, in my teens , I thought I will not be able to achieve anything because I was abused as a child , lived in a home that always felt like an explosive device was about to ignite. I struggled with these feelings and tried to fill the void via alcohol and "street smokes". I found fake boldness that was transient. I envied and wanted to be like others. I began to steal. Well, I am an adult now, well educated, employed, married, had kids, drug/alcohol/smoke free, and really free from all my demons. How? Yes, I know that this will be the question in your heart. It sounded foolish and dreamlike but it was real. Someone gave me a copy of "New Testament and Psalms and proverbs"; a little blue covered book which could fit into my pocket. It was published by Gideon international. I began to read it from "The Gospel of John" like he advised me. I love reading and it made sense. Well, I may not be able to tell you all that happened to me but I discovered that as I read it daily, I began to be attracted to and talk to the main character in the story; Jesus and it seemed like and old self of mine was dropping off daily. At some point , I was shocked when I was out with my friends and realized that I hadn't touched alcohol in the past 2 weeks! And the stranger thing was that alcohol lost its appeal to me. In fact, it disgusted me. My friends told me that they will "give me just three months" and I will drink myself to stupor like before. well it has been years and I keep getting better; more pleasant than the person I ever tried to be. Jesus is beautiful.

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