I wanna

I so badly want to be peed on and to pee into someone’s mouth, lick my p**** during... confessions of a beautiful 23 year old girl😅

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  • Nothing wrong with that. I have enjoyed watching men and women p****** since I was 5 and accidentally got to watch my 17 year old aunt squat and take a strong p*** right next to my face while on a family camping trip. I can clearly remember her really hairy p**** (it was the early 70s) with its thick l**** spread open while her stream gushed out, the sound as it hit the ground, and the odor of a fresh morning p***. I can also remember her wrinkled brown pucker (also with a light coating of fur) flexing rhythmically and winking at me. She never knew that I had been lying behind her under our camper while she p*****. I have been fascinated by watching women and bit later (when I was allowed to use public urinals on my own) men take a p*** ever since.

    When I married, I decided to tell my wife how much being in the bathroom with her when she p***** turned me on( We often shared the bathroom when getting ready for work). I asked if I could watch up close. She was shocked but gave me the go ahead. So the next morning zi had her climb in the shower with me and had her p*** with my face right in front of her hairy p****. As she was releasing I shocked her again when zi stuck my face in the stream and buried my tongue in her p****.

    We have been into p*** play ever since.

  • P***** on a gf once without warning in her kitchen. She was naked after a shower and I just decided to do it. She squealed and giggled. Got on her knees, closed her eyes, and let me pee all over her while I took pictures. She rinsed off and then I pumped her p**** full of c**. Amazing.

  • It’s amazing I done it couple times I real get turned on when I get peed on and I get off when I p*** on someone lbs

  • Love it p*** on you any time

  • Most interested. Would be wonderful to drink your nectar over a nice dinner with candles.

  • Yes pls im up for that

  • Not only would I do that to you but I’d like to f*** your add till it gaped open then take a p*** inside your butt hole

  • Love f****** em In the ass

  • Number

  • Lots

  • Sign me up

  • Love drinking it warm from the p****

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