Incredible peeing fetish

I'm just a 30 years old girl who is addicted to peeing in my pants. I've always peed where I shouldn't. I purposely peed in bed all thru childhood, and still do to this day. During the day I drink a lot of water or soda and hold me pee until I simply have to give up and just let it flow. It usually happens usually in the early afternoon. I will literally just pee anywhere. I just let go cuz I literally can't hold it anymore. Once I get home, I pee anytime and anywhere in the house right in my jeans. I pee on the sofa, you name it. I hold and hold and then just have to let it rip. I found a wonderful wife who is fully into my pee fetish and totally supports my peeing all over. We also both pee on each other as part of s**. Neither of us can really or gasm without peeing in bed.
Yes, it absolutely stinks, but it is truly amazing what you can get used! Yes, I change jeans a few times a day, but sometimes I decide to re-pee my pants. It's all 100% worth the trouble.

Jan 17, 2022

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  • I love peeing myself and I’m addicted i wear diapers and I love it it’s so so amazing how warm it is and how it runs I usually use the same one the whole day just cuz of how much I like it

  • You are lucky to have a wife like her.

  • Try diapers now thats amazing

  • I have thought of using diapers but just never have gotten around to actually doing it. I love to pee my pants, so I will still do that, but I might get some diapers and see what its like.

  • If you girl like peeing so much, why not just buy some diaper to pee into?

  • Yeah! I am also an avid pee girl. One of my fave places to pee is right after work, I let it rip on the seat of my poor old Ford Escort. The floor boards are even rusted thru in spots. But I also pee all over the house and of course in bed. I have zero hesitation to pee in bed. In fact, I never use the toilet except to s***. And your right about the smell. The stink is just terrible but you really do get used to it! I actually like it now. I know, hard to believe for those non-pee people out there, but those with the fetish understand.

  • I think your pee fetish is Hot …. Wish I could meet someone like you !

  • I know what you mean. You have to be very, very lucky.

  • Neither my wife nor I have a pee fetish, but I do love going down on her right after she finishes peeing. I just love putting my mouth over her freshly peed p**** and she loves it too. She sometimes has multiple o****** when I do this. I don't think there is anything that is too kinky with s**, as long as both parties are enjoying it. Let me hear back from you about this and tell me what you think.

  • Hi, hope I'm not too late and you're still checking in. I think what you two are doing is perfectly normal. Of course, we end up doing the same thing, except I just pee right in the bed before my man goes down on me. People can get turned on by all kinds of things, and if the 2 adults are consenting to do whatever it is they like to do, well, what's wrong with that?

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