Sister took pity on me

My sister has a habit of not getting dressed until she goes out or has a friend visiting. This means she wears PJ's round the house a lot. She does not wear a bra, and so I can see her nipples through the tops, and the tops are often short so I can see her little tummy, and if she bends over I can see a lot of cleavage, sometimes even her full b****. Her pj shorts are short and pretty tight, so I see a lot of her legs and her butt and you can sometimes make out her mound, seriously.
Anyway this causes and embarrassing problem, I keep getting boners, a lot of boners. I have started sneaking off to j*** off in the hope my b**** will go down, but this basically means I'm jerking off over my sister which seems wrong.
It seems though, not only had she noticed my boners but also my sneaking off to rub one out. It was just me and her in the living room and she asked my I kept getting hard when I saw her. I tried to explain that it wasn't her specifically it was her body, and having explained, I think she realised how much was on show and weirdly apologised. Then she asked if I wanted her to wear more, and awkwardly I paused, and with a knowing look, she said "you don't want me to, do you?" I didn't answer. Then she said she didn't mind my erections as long as I didn't get Pervy. I looked at her and said "ok" and she said "ok" back. I said I needed to go upstairs and for up. She said if I was going to j*** off she would lend a hand just once. We went in to the bathroom and she pulled my c*** out and started jerking it off, I was in shock but turned on. As she jerked me, I was trying to look down her top, she notices and moved her body so I could see better. I grabbed her ass and gave it a good feel, then I shot my load in to the sink. As I cleaned up she said "that was a one time thing, and never ever touch my ass again, understood?" I nodded and she left.
So confused, anyone know why she did that for me? And was it as bad as i think it is?


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  • First of all, f*** you guys who have a hot sister

  • Lol. Jealousy?

  • Last night I saw my sister on the landing, she was leaving the bathroom I was going there. She had a cute short nighty on and I just had boxers on. I said 'nice nighty', she seemed angry, 'what, why, what do you want?', I said 'it suits you, and I like that I can see your nipples through it, and almost your bum' she was not happy, 'you're such a pervert, what do you want?' she said, 'i wouldn't mind feeling your bum again' I responded. She shushed me and beckoned me in to her room, scared we would be heard I think.
    Inside she was insistent, 'this has got to stop', 'but you keep giving me boners' I said and got her to look down at the teepee now standing in my boxers. 'f**** sake' she said, 'come on then, get it out'. I got my hard c*** out, and she removed her nighty and sat on the bed in front of me. She grabbed my c*** and really went for it wanking me off. Part way through she grabbed some tissues and said 'say when'. I was staring at her impressively pert t***, and the crotch of her panties as she pulled me off. I thought how amazing it would be to c** on her t***, so I didn't tell her when and shot my load all over her t***. She was cross with me, but wiped up. 'Done now?' she enquired, I nodded, so she told me to 'fyck off and sort myself next time' she thrust the dummy tissues at me and told me to take them to the bathroom with me, and off I went.

    Probably the best hand job ever!!!

  • I copped a feel of her pert ass and got away with it. She was wearing a pair of tight leather trousers, and her ass looked phenomenal, seriously more girls should wear them. It was maybe obvious I was looking, and she gave me a look, so I came out with it and just told her that her ass looked amazing, and all she said was 'thanks'. Was expecting a telling off.
    A few minutes later she was in the kitchen reaching for a high cupboard, and I couldn't help myself, so I ran my hand over her ass as I passed and man it felt good! She said nothing. So I went back for another feel, and all she said this time was 'perv'. I really think she didn't mind!

  • Felt her ass again today, she seems cool with it

  • It seems she is grooming you for s**

  • S** with your family is hot.

  • Speaking of hot, I am beginning to wonder if one of us is adopted, because she is hot, and I'm pretty plain tbh

  • If she is hot, she is hot.

  • Exactly, but sisters are not meant to be hot, but she is. Every part of her body is amazing, I don't know why it took me so long to see it.

  • Why aren't they meant to be hot? If you think you have a chance with her, just go for it.

  • All you are meant to see is sister, nothing more, I guess it's nature's way of stopping us becoming inbred lol
    You should have seen the dress she has on today, wowsers lol

  • I disagree. If you are attracted to her that is totally natural. Did you know in some countries such as Spain, Portugal and Netherlands incest is legal? These countries aren't like third world countries or anything. There absolutely nothing wrong with having consensual s** with your sister but use birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  • I did not know that

  • Not alot of people do. ;)

  • She sat on my lap last night. We were watching TV, she went to get a drink, and I stole her chair. Instead of complaining she just sat on me. I know she was trying to annoy me to get me to move, but all I felt was her warm ass in cute thin PJ's sat in my lap. I started to get a b****, she glanced round at me a couple of times, with a 'gonna move yet?' look. I was trying to stop my b**** twitching, I couldn't hold back though. It poked her right between the legs, and she jumped up. Our mum was there so I quickly crossed my legs.
    Later our mum left the room, and my sister tore in to me about stealing her seat, and getting a b****, calling me a pervert a lot.
    I said she could have her chair back if she came and sat on my lap again.
    Over she came and sat on my lap and to my surprise started grinding on my b****, I was hard as I could be, and she was rubbing herself against my b****. We heard mum coming back, my sister demanded the chair, so I moved quick so that mum would not see my b****, just made it and hid it under a cushion.

    What's going on???

  • You need to get your sister in bed

  • I want to say 'no way' but I'm not sure I would mean it!

  • Why say it? You should act on what you feel and not what others think you should feel. There is nothing wrong with having s** with your sister. I've slept with my sister many times and I have no regrets. Just remember to use birth control.

  • Is it not really wired? Not sure I could do it. Maybe from behind lol, pretend it was someone else

  • It's not weird at all, not for me anyway. Me and my sister have s** in many positions but mainly missionary because we kiss alot during s**. But if you want it to be less personal than from behind is probably the best. If you have the opportunity to have s** with your sister then you should do it!! I can't recommend sibling s** enough.

  • I love your story.

  • It nearly happened again, I was kinda staring at her ass, and she clocked me and told me not too. Then she clocked I had a b**** in my pants again, and asked me to go sort it out. I didn't move, and she said that she had told me to go sort it out, so go on, or do you need help again. I nodded, and she said come on, come with me. She grabbed my wrist and kinda dragged me. Just as she pushed me in to the bathroom, the front door opened and our parents came in, so she shut the door with me inside and spoke to them instead. Holy s*** I nearly got jerked off by my sister again. I guess it wasn't a one off.

  • Enjoy yourself, shame you got interrupted. Lots of brothers and sisters do this and more.

  • It's not bad at all. Me and my sister used to do sexual favours for each other all the time. It's actually very normal.

  • I'm not sure it's normal but good to know I am not the only one

  • It felt normal to me and I think it's something that happens between certain siblings and other members of a family.

  • Did it start like this?

  • It started gradually over a period of time.

  • She could have in interest for you as well. It could be bad, because you two could get caught if you try it again. I would like to speak in private with you if possible

  • I don't think she is interested, but I think her naughty side is pleased her body makes me hard. It's like when girls wear tight clothes or short skirts, they get off on guys staring, but they are not interested in all they guys they attract.
    She has not changed what she wears, and if this morning's PJ's were anything to go by, she may even be showing more. I don't think she planned this but I think it's fun for her. Stressing me out.
    What do you want to talk about?

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