I wonder if she will say anything?

My sister in law and I have always gotten along well, I have no idea if this Christmas will be awkward or not because of an encounter we had while attending a family wedding two months ago.
Like I said we went to my cousins wedding and everything was all good until my dumbass brother started getting drunk, It wasn't too long before she had to take him home and put him to bed, We were at a resort and had side by side hotel rooms so I went with her and after he was tucked in she sked if I wanted to walk down to the lake, It was hot as b**** so I said "Sure" and we wandered off down the path to the lake, We were both barefoot carrying our shoe and got down to the water, We hiked up our dresses and walked in and out of the water to cool off, It was like...I don't know 2:00am and no one was around so I came out of the water and said "S**** it", I peeled my dress off and tossed it on the table, I took off my bra and left just my thong on.
I waded out into the water and she was giggling, She said "Oh my god, You're crazy", I said "Pffft, There's no one around", She was still just up to her knees in the water and I sunk down to my neck and then stood back up and said "Oh man that feels good", She giggled and stripped off her dress and then waded out to where I was in just her bra and thong. We were giggling and whispering and then after a minute or two she got out of the water so I followed her, We went to the table and I sat on the table with my feet on the bench, She sat beside me and looked at me and I just went for it, I leaned in and kissed her and to my surprise she kissed me back. I had fully expected to have that awkward moment where she pulled back and was like "Oh my god Cheryl, I'm not like that" but it didn't happen, We just shared a wonderful kiss. After the kiss she pulled back and said "Oh boy Cheryl, That was nice", She looked down at my b**** and said "Cold", I looked down and was like "Holy crap, Haha, No, Quite the opposite", My nips were raging, Just full on nip boners.
I think it was painfully obvious to her I wanted to do something and she was nervously biting her lip, She said "Cheryl....You have a beautiful body", I shrugged and said "Meh, It could use a little work in some areas" and she said "I wish I had your body, I used to have a nice body", My brother and her have 3 kids and in my opinion her body is amazing for a mom, I have no kids and no prospect of having any but that's our lives. I told her what I thought and we kissed again, I didn't wait for her to give me a sign, I just reached up her back and unclipped her bra, She never even broke our lip lock but just lowered her arms and shuffled it off.
We spent about an hour I would estimate just rolling around on the soft grass by the beach kissing and groping and our underwear came off, I asked if she had ever and she said "Not since college, You?", I shook my head no and she said "Are you sure you want to?", I nodded and smiled and she kissed her way down my body, Her tongue touched my already wet lips and I moaned "Oh my god yessssss", I lasted about 10 seconds before I came and she got super aroused by that. If anyone would have came along they really would have gotten an eye full, Me straddling her face, Her straddling mine, The two of us in a sixty nine, Me laid back on the concrete table with her kneeling between my legs licking me and so much more. There would have been a lot for them to see.
After we were both exhausted we laid on the grass and kissed and snuggled before finally agreeing that we should go, We got dressed and walked back up the path holding hands and then broke off as a couple walked toward us, As they passed she said "Hi", they said "Hi" and carried on, We got to her room and mine was down the hall, We stopped and looked at each other and I went for it, I said "Do you want to come to my room for a bit?", She bit her lip again and said "I do, I really, really do but....I shouldn't", I agreed and we both looked around and then shared a passionate kiss, We seen each other the next day and it wasn't as awkward as I expected but we never got a chance to be alone, We normally talk weekly about something and have talked maybe more....Bi weekly lately but never discussed what happened and I know we will all be at my parents for Christmas so I kinda hope she does say something about it but I also kinda hope she doesn't. I don't know, I guess we will just see how it goes.

Dec 14

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  • Nothing hotter than watching 2 women pleasure each other

  • Sounds like you will have a good time when you see her just enjoy it

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