I'm a 35yo male and never even been on a date.

Ive never had s**. Ive never kissed a girl. Ive never even held the hand of someone I loved. S** isn't even the issue here. That's not my goal. I don't want to be with someone sexually that I am not devoted to and who is not also in turn devoted to me. I wouldn't say I'm physically unattractive. I'm not over weight or physically abnormal. Quite average I guess actually. But I have never gotten a yes from my attempts at asking a woman out and I have certainly never been asked by someone else. I don't know what other people see in me that drives them off like that but it has resulted in extreme loneliness and depression. I cant talk to anyone I know about this for fear of ridicule. All I want is someone to spend time with. To go out to where ever and have a good time with. To do the little things together like share a meal with or just hang out and watch movies and perhaps even play some games with. Eventually I would hope this fantasy person would develop deeper feelings for me and maybe in turn so would I. Ive pretty much lost all hope because of my age. I'm pushing 36 and I doubt someone 10 years younger than me would be interested. Also, I am terrified that when someone my age learns of my absolute inexperience in all regards of a relationship that they would be immediately put off and start to wonder what is wrong with me. I know that I don't think that I can handle being alone for much longer but I don't have hope anymore. I am completely alone.

Oct 19, 2019

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  • There are plenty of people out there. You just need to make an effort to get out and meet them. I'm not sure what the wanting to find someone 10 years younger is about. There are plenty of women in their 30's looking for a new start. Maybe they are divorced and even have kids, but so what? If you want companionship at your age, you have to be willing to accept baggage. Good luck.

  • You have wasted your time a lot - being an introvert. Make friends with male as well as female, specially females. It might be difficult to get an younger girl to suit your age but it should be easier to make friend with sell-to-do older single women. Older ones would be dependable, caring and good in sexual acts.

  • Time for you to grow up , go to the gym and exercise, stop feeling sorry for yourself . Pack up your bags and throw away your clutter and move 1000 km away from the nearest scab who put you down and get yourself a real job and a car and get a nice woman down Florida , first you get the money , than you get the power , than you get the power , than you get the women . Grow up , grow a spine and get your self a baseball bat and put those scabs in the hospital , revenge is nice and cool .

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