Am i gay?

I have a boyfriend but I think im gay. I mean we broke up for about a year and I had no attractions to men but I just didn't meet the right girl. well we're back together but recently ive been getting a little bored and girls are so so pretty?!?! I don't know what to do and I need advice please help.

- a d***?

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  • Doesn't mean anything, I also found other women attractive when I was younger, I had a girlfriend for half of grade 10, And then just random hookups after that. I was with 9 girls in all from highschool to 24 then met my husband, Did one Girl/Girl/Guy thing with him the week before our wedding and nothing since, I don't know why but after finding the right man the attraction to women dissipated and now we have 3 kids and couldn't be happier.
    I say do what feels right in the moment, S**** the haters, It's your life and you need to do what makes you happy just don't get too wrapped up in labeling it, You don't have to be gay to enjoy being with a girl, I never once considered myself gay.

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