My mothers boyfriend

My mom and dad had healthy s** life. I saw them having s** several times growing up. Not that they would do it in front of me on purpose but I accidentally saw it.
My dad worked on the railroad and was gone a lot. One time when he was gone I heard noises (I was 12) and went to their bedroom to get in bed with my mom. There was someone else in there and it was not my dad. He was having s** with my mom. I just sat down by the bed then he noticed me and told my mom and she said it's ok and they kept going.
After a while I got up and went back to my bedroom feeling weird. That was the first time I masturbated. Later the guy came to my room and kneeled down next to my bed and rubbed my head and asked me if everything was ok. I said yes and then he eased his hand under the covers and put his hand between my legs. He asked if that was ok. I didn't know what to say so I said it was ok.
He rubbed me for a little while, slowly then kissed me on the lips. My first kiss and it really made me feel funny down there. I liked it and what he was doing. I didn't know at the time, but I came. He stood up and asked if I wanted to see his p****. I said yes and he showed it to me. I asked him if I could touch it and he said ok. I held it and then he asked me what I saw in the bedroom.
I told him I saw him having s** with my mom. He asked what I thought about it.
I told him I didn't know what to think. He told me that if I wanted to kiss his p**** it would be ok. I didn't because I didn't know what or how to do it. He sat on the side of my bed and told me to sit in his lap. I was facing him while I sat there.
He asked me if I wanted to kiss again. I shook my head yes and he began kissing me. I could feel his p**** between my legs and kind of liked it. He asked if I wanted him to put it in. I really didn't know what that meant and said yes. He raised me up, pulled my panties to the side and sat me on top of it.
Slowly, he lowered me onto his p**** and I was thinking what is next. With it all in, he told me to do whatever felt good. I rocked back and forth then up down. He squirted inside of me and that was weird but good at the same time.
I never saw him again, and never had s** like that again until I was 17. I realize now what he did to me at 12 yrs old was wrong. It felt wrong at the time and at the same time it didn't feel wrong. I never told anyone about that. I did ask my mom when I was 15 about her 'boyfriend'.
She told me she didn't mean for me to see that. I asked her when I came in why it didn't embarrass her and why didn't she stop. She told me that was the first time she had another man other than my dad and she was 'consumed' with the idea of another man. She said she was sorry and hoped that it didn't affect me in a bad way.
I told her it didn't and it was ok. In retrospect, it did affect me. After that night I masturbated a lot. I would stay up late to hear my mom and dad having s** and I would m*********. I was obsessed with masturbating and now I like to watch other people have s**.
I don't want to necessarily join in, I just like to watch. At college there were parties where some girls would get drunk and let two or three guys have s** with them. I was that girl a couple of times but I really liked watching more than anything. If I got to see others having s**, I would end up having s** with a guy and the whole time thinking about what I saw and that would make me climax more than the act itself.

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  • What a heartfelt story. When you m*********, do you think of that first experience you had?

    You remind me of a similar experience I had when I was about the same age. I was at an all-adult party with my parents at their friends' home. All night long, a mature woman (in her 30s I think) kept hugging me, holding me, pulling me onto her lap, etc. I was embarrassed and kept getting away from her. Though I thought she was attractive, I was quite shy.

    By 10pm or so, I was tired, but my parents didn't want to leave yet. The woman offered to let me take a nap in her bedroom, so I agreed. As I lay in the bed in her room down the hall, far away from the party, she turned off the lights and sat next to me in the bed, talking to me in a gentle seductive voice. As she spoke, she slowly stroked my thighs, up and down, getting closer to my crotch with each stroke. I found myself getting hard. She laid her hand on my c***, gently pressing. She told me "It's okay. It's perfectly natural" as she undid my zipper and pants and pulled it out. "It's so beautiful" I remember her saying as she held it in her hand. I was scared but excited at the same time. I looked at the door and saw that it was closed.

    Then she began stroking it as she put the head into her mouth. Like I say, I was a bit scared, but it felt so good, I didn't say anything. Then she took it all the way into her mouth, jerking it and sucking it rapidly. Suddenly, my c*** exploded in her mouth. I thought that that would upset her, but instead, she moaned as she swallowed my load. As she did, I noticed that her other hand was between her legs.

    I never saw her again after that night and I never knew her name, but I think of her all the time when I am jerking off!

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