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#3020Submitted: Mon 21 Oct 2019 11:41:19 PM GMT
Here is something I cannot figure out my wife and I have been married for around 10 years our s** life is good and we enjoy each other's company before we got married I had friends that knew her that said she was s*** however I never saw it and we did well together one of her friends did tell me that she had a problem with promiscuity but I never thought anyway back to the present she is 35 and I am 40 as I said the s** life is good she will roll play if I ask you to do something she enjoys when I use a d**** liner she's very fun and here is what I don't understand she is a bar manager for a large restaurant and has been doing that for over 8 years and all during that time I know that she goes out after work and sometimes gets f*** I just know it when you come home at 3 in the morning and you take a shower something is up and here's what I don't understand she never has the same guy or boyfriend she likes a different guy every time and yet we have a good relationship and s** life so what I can't figure out is why does she f*** so many other guys if you know about this any experience in this situation let me know cuz I can't figure it out thank you




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  • You said she works then goes out afterward, so why wouldn’t she shower when she got home? And how do you know she’s having s** with anyone, let alone a different fellow each time?
    Sounds like wishful thinking, to me.

  • Your wife needs lots of s** with different c****. Just roll with it. Think of all those beautiful c**** shooting c** into that p****.

  • She cheats because she can and there is nothing you can do about it. You can chose to stay and live by her rules or leave.

  • Maybe you think it is a good s** life because you get off and she doesn't. its not uncommon.

  • Doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you any less she just needs more. The excitement of the chase and scoring is what drives her

  • At this age most women needs variations in s** and good f****. At this age s** with a husband becomes monotonous. As you know what she is doing and you somehow accept her way of sexuality, try to join in her kinks. You may try 3-some or 4-some s** with her. You will both enjoy this variation top start with. Nothing wrong in s** between and among adults doing together with mutual consent. I am into 3-s0me for morte than 5 yrs, both mmf and ffm!!

  • Absolutely true!

  • Just tell her Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • What do you mean

  • It means I'm retarded :)~

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