I am a 38 year old straight man, but I’ve always want to give another guy a b******* to see what it’s like

Oct 23, 2019

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  • Nothing wrong with being curious. Just don't make a habit of it.
    I was doing an MFM threesome with my wife one time and this guy we just met had a slender, 8" member. While she was fluffing him, I became curious and wondered if I could "Deep Throat" it. He said, OK, and I tried to get it deep down my throat, but could never get past the gag reflex. Curiosity satisfied and no harm done.

  • I've had my d*** sucked by girls, guys and a couple of trannies. Trannies suck the best, then guys, then girls.

    I don't find guys attractive, I much prefer to look down and see a pretty femine face.

    I sucked one tranny off, beautiful girl, big t***, huge c***, embaressing for me to compare against, she f***** my girlfriend better than I could, she came loads. She made me gag a few times, and I choked when she came. My girlfriend filmed it all. Best night ever.

  • There is no such thing as a bad blow-job, some are just better than others. I agree that one of the greatest sights is a pretty woman with my c*** in her mouth but I respect anybody that takes a c*** into their mouth to suck on, or have it f*** their face. What p***** me off is people who are shocked and offended when I c** in their mouth. Well, what do they expect, chocolate milk, if they take a c*** in their mouth, arouse it, and bring it to climax it is going to spurt s**** and if they don't like it, learn to, or don't suck c***.

  • First time I was given bj, I loved it. we were in a camping site and this guy asked me whether I was ever sucked by a guy. The idea got my c*** hardening. I said no, and he offered me his mouth to my c*** to suck. I opened my trouser, pulled down my underwear and he knelt down to hold my erecting c*** in his hand and massaged it for a few minutes while licking the tip of my c***. He slowly took a half of it in his moist warm mouth while I tried to push in as he started to suck on... OMG, It was good and soon I emptied my ball in gushes of c** in to his sucking mouth. He went on as it went on limp slowly!! Loved it.

  • I was the same. I was walking home one night when I saw a homeless guy in a doorway. I offered him £50 if he'd let me blow him. It was just so surreal. There I was on my knees with his d*** in my mouth, unable to believe I was actually doing this. I was about to chicken out of seeing it through to a finish, but he put his hands behind my head and pulled me onto him just before he came. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever experienced. I tried to pull back as he e*********, but he had a good grip of me and I couldn't get my mouth off his d*** as he blew his load. He ran off afterwards, leaving me kneeling there retching, with ropes of his s**** dangling from my lips as I frantically tried to spit it all out. If you plan to try it out, be sure that you're really prepared for what's going to happen.

  • You will not like being Gay , I humped penises before , it’s no fun . Having two penises going at it is no fun especially if you’re a virgin and you making other boys gay , I made some guys gay , but I was Bi , not gay , I went d*** to d*** with boys before . I hated every min of it .

  • If you have thought about it then you need to do it, or you will regret it in the future. I am not gay, I've had more than my share of women of the years, but I've sucked a few c**** along the way, and took a few of them up the ass (something else you should try). There's nothing wrong with sucking c***, go for it.

  • I am a white man who wants to suck a big black c***. it's my biggest fantasy.

  • I want to watch a black man f*** my wife then do me

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