My experience with mom

I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.

I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP (since CP seems to be strict...), But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first o***** ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having s**

I have struggled with this all my life, though that time span, affected by society's near universal sexual rule of no incest, but I continued to often look up adult content on incest. How do you think I came here lol? Some of the stories are really hot, p*** in the written word.

There are times when I think that I was the luckiest guy in the world when it started and almost still agree. Then I always hear about incestuous parents who get caught were abusing to the point of pain, or neglecting to the point of starvation, on top of having unwanted s**. (the new mass media term for rape) Even if you are disgusted by incest in general, surely you can acknowledge that there is a difference between the torturers and mothers that become sexual with their sons to pleasure them,

Do I wish she hadn't done it? Depends on the day. More often I wish incest was viewed positively. I'm not saying everyone should have a sexual experience with their parents, or that if they did, that must be enjoyable. Mine was. Very comforting

I'll try to answer questions if I find one I am comfortable with but more advice about processing such events please...


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  • My mum gave me my first b****** when I was 10 years old. She f***** me for the first time just after my 13th birthday. Now we f*** several times a day. Her c*** is so warm and tight. I love spunking up her.

  • My experiences with my mom had a most profound effect on me... I took those experiences into every relationship I ever had. Although it was extremely exciting, and I am still attracted to that sort of depiction (specifically, mature women handling, fondling, masturbating young men), I wish it had never happened

  • Why do you wish it hadn't happened? I love my mum for how she was sexual with me and i wouldn't have any other way.

  • Do you think its ok to start preteen?

  • No, puberty must be happening at least.

  • If it is mtually agreed between two people to have s** whether incest or not others should not have problem in this.
    After all its their bodies, their pleasure and their life.

  • My mom loves to see, touch, and play with my d***... I’m pretty twisted, as a result... thanks, mom

  • Why do you think you are twisted? I used to have s** with my mom and i feel lucky.

  • How about giving us details step by step?

  • Life will be a lot easier for you if you stop concerning yourself with what others think of incest. If you enjoyed it, and she enjoyed it, what's the problem? It's your life, live it to please you, not the people who condemn everything that's none of there damn business. There's nothing wrong with f****** your mom and it's nobody's business but yours and your mom's.

  • You are totally right!!!

  • When i made my First Holy Communion two years ago at age 14.i was in the class with the 2nd graders[7 year olds]so my mom and gramma dressed me like one of the little girls,in a cute,puffy,sleeveless,top of the knees communion dress and matching veil with the lace socks and white patent leather shoes.They had me wear a cloth diaper and toddler extra large size plastic pants under my dress just like the little girls wear under their dresses,with a camisole as my top.After my party was over,i went to my room and mom came in and had me lay down on my bed and pulled the plastic pants down and took my diaper off of me then pulled the plastic pants back up.A little while later,as mom was cleaning up,my step dad came into my room,gave me a hug,then put his hand under my dress on my crotch and started rubbing the plastic pants.He told me it was ok since i was a 'little 'girl for the day.I was shook up and he told me not to tell mom.That was two years ago and now at 16,i still live with that memory!

  • Sounds like a fantasy

  • Like the OP said, most "confessions" on here are!

  • I was able to experience s** with my drunk mother when I was a teenager. She was so drunk she never said anything about it to me

  • Always make sure its consensual

  • ...Said, C** Dump, the trolling incest squirrel.

  • My mom used to jack me off after school till i came i tried to f*** her but only got my fingers in her. I still feel bad bit at the time it felt right? Idk ive always struggled with this glad to know im not alone

  • Handjobs are soo underrated. a good one using warming lube and squeezing and jerking as fast as possible through the whole o***** can be better than sucking and f******. what did she do with your j***? or did she start before you could blow a load?

  • You are definitely not alone. My friend used to have s** with his Aunt and I used to have s** with my Aunt. It happens all the time and it is a hidden truth.

  • And with my mother too

  • I had s** with your mom's shoes.

  • You are definitely not alone. Shame you didn't get to make love to your mother because it is so hot.

  • Can you give us more details?

  • It's sound like you had a very loving mother who showed you love in the most natural way. Unless people experience this for themselves they do not understand how wonderful it feels. My mother made love to me many times over the years and it had been a real positive in my life. I agree incest should be seen in a more positive light.

  • Interesting. I believe more positive lights should be used to view incest. Tomato/potato, huh?

  • OP here.... been thinking about this... youre totally right. Also parents should be exempt from age of consent laws.

  • Parents should be exempt from current laws but a son or daughter should at in their teen-age years before anything sexual and it should still be consensual.

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