In love with my daughter ❣️

I'm in love with my daughter I want a incest relationship with her we have engaged in sexual stuff but never penetration



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  • Dude I totally understand! I used to touch my daughter as she was sleeping, I’d kneel on a towel and mastverbate. As she got older she became a much lighter sleeper, but I would still take her freshest panties from her hamper, and j/o sniffing them! I know she would never, but I would gladly give up everything for just one night making love with her, so trust me if MY daughter ever showed the slightest interest in anything secksual with me... I wouldn’t puss out like you have, I would go for it in a heartbeat! I would make her the greatest lover she could ever want, and ever be!

  • Sometimes you have to be brave and take it to the next level

  • So long as she consents and is OF AGE, go for it!!

  • Why should she be OF AGE? If a daughter consents then, whatever her age,
    keep her happy by fu cking her. I keep my 8-year-old happy.

  • 100% agree

  • You all should kill yourself before you harm your Family.

  • Well you know what white people say........ Incest is the Best

  • Vice is nice but incest is best

  • Incest=love

  • Hi, as long as your daughter is old enough there is no reason why you two shouldn't have full s**. Tell her how you feel about her and I suspect she feels the same. Good luck!

  • Cut the krap incest is been played over and over here. It's lame and so are your stories.

  • Your another reason Covid 19 happened.

  • On July 20, 2017, Steven and Katie married in Parkton, Maryland (photo below). Both had lied on paper about their biological relationship, stating that they were both unrelated. Katie's adoptive parents, Tony and Kelly Fusco, didn't agree with their marriage, but decided to support their daughter Katie's decision anyway. The couple ended up moving to Knightdale, North Carolina in November and had a baby named Bennett on September 1, 2017.
Alyssa, upset with Steven after she found out about his new baby with their biological daughter, reported the incest couple to authorities in January 2018. The couple was later investigated by authorities, charged, ordered by a judge to stay away from each other, and granted Steven's mother full custody of baby Bennett.

Shortly after the incest charge, Katie moved back to Dover, about 80 miles away in upstate New York to stay with her adoptive family, The Fuscos.
Steven, filled with rage, murdered the couple's baby, Bennett, while at home and proceed to drive to Dover, New York to find Katie. Steven managed to locate Katie with her adopted dad Tony and proceeded to secretly follow them as they were on their way to Waterbury, Connecticut. During the drive, Steven managed to get out of his car and fatally shoot both Katie and Tony.

Struck with grief after the shootings, Steven called his mother to confess about everything that had happened. Steven's mother immediately called the authorities to report the murders (9-11 phone call below) which lead to authorities later finding baby Bennett in the couple's home in Knightville.

Steven was later found dead in Dover with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

  • You are a sickFUCKINGassHole. Let me guess she is underage thats why you haven't gone all the way with her. FUCKyouAND your pedophilic posts.

  • Eat my ass b****

  • Who would want to eat that giantSHIT coveredASSdipSHIT.

  • Daddy/daughter is hot

  • I think about my 18 yr old daughter

  • Yea I would love to Be a 3rd wheel with my 18 yr old daughter and her boyfriend

  • She might be thinking about you

  • I hope my 10 yr old step daughter does

  • 10 year olds need a DP f******

  • Too young

  • I used to play with my Step Daughter

  • Ditto dude! I used to play with my 6yo step daughter! I was amazed to discover how much of a deep sleeper she was, and I was absolutely amazed that a girl THAT young actually gets wet... VERY wet! Occasionally if she was in the right position I was lucky enough to lick her! God I miss that! She’s 16 now and all I can do is sniff her panties and J/O!

  • Totally agree!!

  • FUCKyou sick incest lover.

  • Mine was 8 before 6

  • An 8 year old AND a 6 year old!?

  • Yes her name was Kendall tight preteen

  • Did you want to double teamed her

  • 8 BEFORE 6

  • Wickr me goodgirlu18 :) want to talk

  • I will Wickr you right to heII DumbFUCK

  • Your a SICKfuck PEDO.

  • I'd love to talk

  • Chat is fun

  • You like to talk about children that way sickFUCK. Lucky I don't know you.

  • You can think what ever you want to

  • Good I think you are a virgin loser on the edge of killing yourself. Just do it sickFUCK

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