In love with my daughter ❣️

I'm in love with my daughter I want a incest relationship with her we have engaged in sexual stuff but never penetration

Sep 25, 2020

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  • Dude I totally understand! I used to touch my daughter as she was sleeping, I’d kneel on a towel and mastverbate. As she got older she became a much lighter sleeper, but I would still take her freshest panties from her hamper, and j/o sniffing them! I know she would never, but I would gladly give up everything for just one night making love with her, so trust me if MY daughter ever showed the slightest interest in anything secksual with me... I wouldn’t puss out like you have, I would go for it in a heartbeat! I would make her the greatest lover she could ever want, and ever be!

  • After our daughter was out of puberty at 14,she had blossomed into a cute,petite,girl with a nice figure and and there were times when i wished i could have her!The next year when she was 15,she was even better looking and starting to become sexy! Her First Communion was finially comming up and her and the wife went out and got her communion outfit and they told me i couldnt see it untill the morning of the ceremony.That sunday morning arrived and the wife brought the daughter out of her room and i was really aroused! She was in a short sleeve,poofy,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes! She looked very much little girlish!After her party that afternoon,the wife had to go someplace,so i went into the daughters room and told her how cute and little girlish she looked and gave her a hug.I couldnt help my self and started squeezing her b**** and she didnt resist!I ran my hand under her dress and was surprised to find she was wearing diapers and plastic pants! i asked her why and she told me mom put them on her to make her feel more pure and little girlish.I was very aroused by now,and told her i had to be satisified,so she got on her knees and gave me oral s**! It was the best oral s** i ever had!

  • Liar

  • Sometimes you have to be brave and take it to the next level

  • So long as she consents and is OF AGE, go for it!!

  • Why should she be OF AGE? If a daughter consents then, whatever her age,
    keep her happy by fu cking her. I keep my 8-year-old happy.

  • So hot love underage

  • Well you know what white people say........ Incest is the Best

  • Vice is nice but incest is best

  • Hi, as long as your daughter is old enough there is no reason why you two shouldn't have full s**. Tell her how you feel about her and I suspect she feels the same. Good luck!

  • Your another reason Covid 19 happened.

  • Daddy/daughter is hot

  • I think about my 18 yr old daughter

  • Yea I would love to Be a 3rd wheel with my 18 yr old daughter and her boyfriend

  • Totally agree!!

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