Undocumented latina mature

Dona Maria was about 52 years old haired curly bbw women with a huge pear shaped ass she was my nanny since I was 7 years old she would back then she would shower with me to save time I was very young but loved her huge brown nipples as big as half of her DD t*** her the dimples on her huge ass cheeks and ass crack exposing her hairy black p**** evertime she bent over infront of me to pick up soap or wash her feet at the time I didnt think much of it but as I grew older about 13 years old I could not stop thinking of her as I masturbated in my room or watched her from afar eventually I couldn't control my l*** for her I and would expose my hard p**** out of my pajamas pretending to be unaware while she was near me I new she had seen my c*** poking out of its hole 7 inches long purplish swollen head exposing its aggressive desperation but eventually my obsession grew stronger and I became bolder I would lay on the sofa removing my pants completely j********** hoping she would notice or opening my rope exposing my nude body ...she would walk around in a old night gown that was so old it was tranparent that I could completely see her nude fat body even her hairy p**** one night while watching a movie in the dark with her sitting next to me she dozed off to sleep she was laying sideways her huge ass infront of me I start to slowly lifted her gown above her big hips exposing that 60 inch ass that was so big it looked as if I could have engulfed my entire body I removed my pajamas and slowly began caressing oneof her large ass cheecks eventually pushing it up to expose more of the hidden skin hidding in between the huge ham of her ass exposing her butt hole in the darker flesh toned I saw her pubic hair and p**** lips she slept eventually I spooned behind her mega butt rebbing myself all over her nude ass cheeks then her p**** and I could stop rubbing my p**** on her wet c*** and lost control not carring if she woke up I began f****** her frantically pounding in to her my arms wrapped around her waist thursting into her violently she awoke suddenly turning her head looking at what I was doing she spoke in spanish saying " Que estas asendo Nino "!?...I didnt or couldn't stop my body thrusting harder into my first p**** She didnt struggle or attemt to move me away her body giggling with my humping she was say " No Tommy por favor ahhi!..Tommy estas bien grande nino ahii!!!.she never spoke about it eventually being deported.


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