Cuckolded for Life

Early in our marriage my wife expressed remorse for not having more sexual experiences before we married. We had just moved to a new city far away from family and friends so I encouraged and supported her to fulfill whatever we’d she had.

A couple of weeks later she was invited to happy hour with some people from work. She didn’t get home until about 1:00am in the morning, but woke me up to tell me what happened. She had sat next to a guy from work at the bar. After a couple of drinks they began to flirt and eventually they started touching in other under the bar. Eventually he asked if she needed a ride home and she said yes.

They began making out as soon as they got in the car. According to my wife her head was on his c*** within seconds. After a few minutes he started having remorse and asked her to stop. Frustrated she continued but he insisted and he proceeded to drive her home. She continued to stroke his c*** during the ride and begged for his c**.

I heard the vehicle pool up and looked out the window, but only saw one person and assumed they were lost and would drive away. About five minutes later the front door opened and my wife was home. She came to the bedroom and immediately gave me a deep kiss...including his c** which she shared with me.

I was hooked. For the next five years she took lovers (male and female) as she pleased. She ever had steady boyfriends that she would stay with over weekends. Meanwhile I would sit at home and j****** waiting for her to get home.

Now we’’re moving again back to the east coast and I hope to rekindle what we had before and take it to the next level. I fact I am already here and awaiting her arrival in a few weeks. My surprise will be that I will fully submit to her. She has always wanted to peg me herself, so today I purchased an a*** training kit to get my ass ready. I’m hoping this ultimately leads to full submission and I become a c********* for her movers and even submit my ass to them as well.

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  • That is hot as all get out.

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