Camp ut

Now this really did happen and I still can visualize it when I close my eyes.
I was born in A mining Town in the foothills but when I graduated there was not much of a chance of finding regular work there so I first moved to Sacramento and became a carpenter Apprentice and learned that trade and I wound up in the S F Bay area where I met and Married Christina. ( Chris ) for short. we were happy she works for Kaiser Hospital as an aid .
we have a lot in common both of us started working right out of high school but we planned on saving enough for a down payment on a house before we started a family.
Chris was raised in the city and knew nothing about what country life was about and she was fascinated about gold mining so We camped out a couple times and she loved it so I bought a 3 inch gold dredge and we planned on spending a week up there gold mining on the North Fork of the Yuba River several miles above Nevada City.
I had heard that there was a camping spot on the river that was out of the was and a good plae to pan and there was a nice swimming hole right under the bridge On Tyler Foot Crossing road so I got directions and we took off using our GPS to lead the way god once we left the highway it was a dirt road and I had a little Toyota then that turned into a steep one lane road down into the canyon with sheer drops hundreds of feet on one side .
It took over an hour driving and I hoped to h*** we didn't meet anyone coming the other way.
At the bottom sure enough before crossing the bridge was an area where you could pull off and into the small camping spot so we quickly sat up camp and I unloaded the dredge and put it together and the water is cold up that high we were up about 5,000 feet.
But it was getting late so I rigged our fishing lines and Chris had never caught a fish before but she caught two before I caught one and she was laughing at me teasingly .
When the sun went over the mountain t cooled off really quick so we bundled up and we cooked some hot dogs over the open campfire then I played some music on my get fiddle as my Dad always called it then it was well after dark so we crawled into the small pup Tent and getting nasty.
I awoke a little after 7 AM and perked some coffee and we huddled together as we drank it enjoying the sound of the River sloshing around and the roar of the rapids farther down the canyon.
It was noisy there but also relaxing.
After breakfast we walked around it was still cold but I wanted to work my dredge so I put on my Wet suit and it was cold at first but so on it met my body temperature so I gassed it up and tied it to a tree and started dredging.
hours later I was hungry and I stopped it was getting hot and Chris was naked laying on a blanket soaking up some sun so I unzipped my top and let it hang behind me as I dug into the Ice box looking for bread and baloney.
We talked sanding close together talking and really relaxing I was having fun the river was so loud that we didn't hear the motorcycles until I saw them stop on the bridge and look over at us Chris gasped and ran over and picked up her towel holding it in front of her as the guys watched us and talked amongst themselves for awhile and Chris stood there holding her towel in front of her like it was a shield something to protect her from them.
Then they came over the bridge and stopped again and I could see that the two guys in front were arguing with the others about something and Chris asked did you bring your gun? I said yes but I don't know where t is right now and she said s*** not don't start anything as the two guys threw up their hands and got off their bikes and started down to us I didn't know what to do I had counted 11 guys in the party h*** even if I did find the gun it would not do much good against them but when the two guys came up to us the older one said you are wasting your time her son that spot has been mined a hundred times now …. and he stopped and the other guy punched his elbow and he let out a deep breath and said now look ids we don't want any trouble but those guys back there ... and he looked over at Chris that was huddled behind her towel and he shrugged his shoulders and I started to respond in anger but Chris said god dammit Mike you will just be hurt stop it.
I calmed down and asked what then and he said I thing you know now lets just let it happen and we will be on our way in less than an hour and nobody will get hurt If I try to stop them things are going to get ugly....
Chris was shivering behind there towel and said don't let them hurt me OK and he said I wont hon sorry Dave or I wont join in though and Chris thanked him which I thought was strange .
He yelled up to the guys and said OK but no rough stuff and they bike's all pulled into the camping area it started happening fast Chris stood there with the towel in front of her but it was quickly ripped out of her hands and the guys all looked at her hungrily and then someone said bend her over the back of that car the hatch back is open so the Ice box was pushed out of the way and Chris was pushed over and she was crying as she was forced to put her hands on the bed of the Rav and the guys all had their c**** out and with their protective suits on they all looked like aliens as the first guy stepped up behind her and pushed her feet apart Christ I was looking around wildly for some help but there was nothing I could do Dave and the other guy both had one of my arms holding me so I wouldn't do anything then the first guy had his d*** in his hand and he shoved it into my wife . Chris grunted when he entered her then her b****** began swinging in circles and he roughly f***** her and even though I was mad and I wanted to kill them I also felt something inside of me that found this exciting and I was shocked to realize that my c*** was getting hard to as tis nameless guy f***** her grabbing her hips possessively I watched him as he f***** her faster and faster then he just stopped his c*** deep in her as his body jerked and he grunted softly he made a few more thrusts into her then He sighed and his c*** slipped ut of her I watched the second guy enter her and again Chris jerked and cried out then he was like a rabbit gripping her hips and he probably didn't last a minute until he was spent and his c*** slipped out then Chris was being f***** again and now I was just watching in a trance no longer struggling watching my wife bent over and f***** and I began to feel the primal make instinct of wild uncontrolled animal mating instinct where male dogs line up whenever a female is in heat another guy was f****** her now and Chris was pushing back against him her body was responding even if she wasn't 4 guys Christ 4 guys what a gal I was proud of her as he went spastic and fell out of her and Chris groaned in disappointment but she had another c*** in her now and she came her body arched up and she cried out softly ad the guy f****** her crowed see that I made her c** but he came shortly after that and fell out of her and I was not being held now watching and enjoying it then she came again and my chest filled with pride as what was it now 7 guys it was 8 Then Dave said s*** Carl I got to have a piece of that and he replaced the next to the last guy wen he got his nuts only two more now and they would leave and poor Chris was just laying there now no longer able to stand then they were all done but Carl said sorry but I want some of that now you have a very pretty wife and he stepped up when the last guy fell out and he lifted body up and he entered her f****** slowly at first then he began to rabbit her like the others did until he pumped his seed into her never glancing my way and s he fell out of her I could see the sperm that covered her p**** hair and both of her legs were covered with their slime and like a robot I stepped behind her and I f***** her to feeling their s**** forced out of her around my c*** and I don't think Chris even knew that I had joined in with the other guys.
Chris was worn out and I helped her down to the creek and I cleaned her up and helped her into the tent and she smiled up at me and said kiss me and I di and she hugged me and said we are both ok hon.
Long into the night I laid awake wondering what to do and trying to overcome the image of her all bent over the back of our Rav with a line of guys behind her with their d**** in their hands waiting their turn.
Many times since then I have thought about it and I usually head or a rest room so I can j*******.

Oct 30, 2019

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  • That was a great s** story. good masturbation materiel

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