I was molested 14 years ago

My husband was in jail in 2005 and I went to a prominent bail bondsman in Raleigh, NC. While I was in the bondsman office, he made me go to a back room with him and he made me perform oral s** on him. He said that was the only way that he would get my husband out of jail. I’m sure that he has done this to other women. I am afraid to press charges, but last night I impulsively call his office and threatened to press charges. My family is worried he will come after me.

Oct 31, 2019

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  • You called because you want him to tell you to come back and su ck his di ck again. And you’re hoping he’ll make you do other men there and perform other acts for them.
    You liked feeling like you was ‘made to do this against your will’. Truth is, you can’t wait to do it again and again.
    Go on down there and tell the man you want to be his little sl ut.

  • He put out an offer, your an adult and chose to take the offer. That is not being molested, that also is not being made or forcing you. If your messed up in the head from your own life choices go see a therapist.

  • >My family is worried he will come after me.
    wow youre delusional. fix that to "I am worried" because it sure does sound like it. You were not coerced into doing this yet here you are (as the other anon said) guilty and wanting to redeem your already s***** reputation in your mind. You are at fault if you give consent one day then return the next day and press charges

  • You were not forced to suck his c***, you could have gone to another bail bondsman. Sounds to me that you had a choice, suck his c*** or go elsewhere and you chose to suck his c***. Has guilt finally caught up with you and now you're trying to blame him for what you chose to do? Accept responsibility and move on.

  • Absolutely spot on!

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