I am in a new city without my wife for the time being. She will move once the house is sold and things are taken care of. When I arrived, I found an envelope that she had slipped into my luggage.

When we first married, my wife had numerous sexual partners with my support. She would often stay overnight with her lovers, leaving me at home wondering what she was doing. I would j******* multiple times on those nights. Most of the time she would tell me what happened and how her lovers were bigger and better than me and let me smell the c** on her or clean her up with my tongue.Once we had kids that mostly ended given a few exceptions.

Summary of the letter she wrote:

Our life is going to change in more ways than one. When I join you in our new city, I will sleep with whoever I want whenever I when we first married. If you do not agree then we can divorce and both move on. If you agree, there will be rules for you this time:

You will wear women’s panties all the time.

While you are alone in our new city, you will learn how to suck c*** and begin to prepare your ass for my strap on and eventually the real thing.

If you go out to eat, you will only eat at gay restaurants and bars by yourself. If someone hits on you, then you will offer yourself as a c*********. I will track you with your phone and you will make sure to send me a picture of you on your knees.

When I arrived at my apartment there was an amazon delivery waiting for me filled with an a*** plug training kit consisting of four butt plugs in increasing larger sizes, a medium size and a large size d**** to practice c********** and a link to an online femdom training site that will help me with my transition.

I’ve been here for ten days and I’ve worked my way up to bury plug number three. Still trying to master the art of c*** sucking and no real opportunities yet, although I have met a few guys. Almost forget...I wear women’s panties all of the time, which is a constant reminder of who I am and what I am becoming.

Nov 3, 2019

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