My Brother's Best Friend

So my brother has best friend, for now we'll call him Ben. He's really hot and super funny, and is 2 years older than me like my brother. Last night I came home from a movie with a friend and they were in the living room watching a movie, but my brtoher was asleep on the couch. So i started talking to Ben, and then we woke up my brother and told him to go to sleep in his room. He's a really deep sleeper, so when he woke up for us to tell him that, he didn't acknowledge who was telling him this, he just listened. Ben and I stayed downstairs to clean up my bro's mess,a dn we we flirting like crazy. My brother's other friend was there too, so it was a bit weird for him, but the feeling between me and Ben was on fire. Ben and i started to walk ahead of the other guy, who stayed downstairs for a little longer, and he took and big fuzzy blanket. As we were walking upstairs, Ben stopped(I was behind him) And looked at me, and opened his arms for a hug in the blanket, and I stepped closer and did. We stood there for a whole minute, hugging eachother, and being comfortbale with eachother and it was really cute. Then we finally got upstairs, and the other guy walked into the bathroom, so we were alone again in the dark hallway. We looked at eachother, and we both got closer, and he kissed me gently on the lips. It was really cute, and I miss him, but my brother can never know, and I can never date Ben.

Nov 3, 2019

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