Me & my cousin

I have a cousin who’s 1 year older then me(both girls)and we‘ve always been close, but one time when I was 8 and she was 9 we were playing a game and at one point we were “sleeping” on the bed,I’m not sure what happened but we ended up rubbing each others p****’s, and from then on every time we saw each other we would go into a room and rub each others c****, I even remember once I woke up to her grinding on me.
It stopped when we were 11/12 but I still see her often, and kinda wanna do it with her again...

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  • Ask her to p******* you and m********* together

  • Yawn , kill me .

  • You should bring it up with her. It's not like she wouldn't remember… Could make for a really hot night over some drinks

  • Much never t touch that p**** at 8 than now

  • You should ask her about it...i bet she wants to too but doesn't want to freak you out...then tell me what she are a good girl

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