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I don’t think I’m meant to be happy. I think I’m meant to make others happy but not receive that in return. I feel I can literally feel what others are going through without then saying anything and I notice and I react to fix it but I’ve never met someone who can do that for me.

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  • Whitney Houston sang a track called
    " The Greatest love ❤ of all "
    Which s summarises your situation.
    As Whitney sings
    " I promised myself never to walk in anyone's shadow, so I learned to DEPEND ON ME

    learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all".

    Whitney was right.
    I've been single for nearly sixty years with a few relationships with the odd mad or selfish ** along the way.
    Relationships don't last .
    People lie. People are selfish.
    Learn to love yourself, it IS the greatest love of all.

  • I used to be in that situation a long time ago. I realised that the only person that can truly make you happy is you. When you are giving that love or joy to someone, you are not giving anything to them, you are giving that time and energy to yourself because you are the one feeling that joy. You can manifest happiness in an instant just by thinking of the idea of making someone happy in your mind, you can think of a pet, a baby, or you can appreciate life so much more by realising that you take no effort in consciously breathing and that you do not need to think about your heart beating for you. Happiness is everywhere around us if you can just focus on yourself and what is present in this moment, than to be dependent on other people because in the end, people, they come and they go. But that body of yours is stuck with you till death, so you may as well make yourself happy instead. There's this awesome teacher on YouTube named 'Abraham Hicks', the topics that she shares will change your life, like it did mine. I mostly listen to playlists of hers.

  • Thank you for this

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