Wife masseuse gives happy endings

My wife is a masseuse. A while ago she did mobile massage for work. I got suspicious of her behavior so I hit a voice recorder in her massage bag. I would help with her bag and table when she got home and collect the recorder. When she was not around I would listen to the recording. After the male client rolled onto his back, the request for a handjob was asked by some. To my surprise my wife always agreed.
My wife told me a client was coming over for a massage the following week. This client had asked for and received a handjob. I went and bought a hidden cam picture frame, put a photo in it and placed it in the room where the massage would take place. The night prior I charged the frame.
I set the frame up in the morning ,while my wife was having a shower , on motion detector.
I left the house 15 minutes prior to the clients arrival.
My wife texted me when the client had left. I returned home soon after.
I was dying to see what the camera had caught. Later that day my wife went to the shops. I stayed home. When she left I removed the ad card and put it in my laptop. I watched the video, all standard above board. Then after the male rolled over he asked if he could have his $100 extra treatment. My wife smiled and took off her shirt and bra. I was shocked but found myself aroused. She removed his towel and his large soft c*** was now in her hands. She oiled it up and began stroking it. His c*** hardened up and was about 9 inches. He raised himself up and gently began sucking he nipples. She looked so at ease and comfortable in the situation. She jerked off his monster c*** for about 10 minutes before he came. As she towered up his c**, he cheekily twisted both her nipples and she giggled. He got off the table and got dressed as she went to wash her hands.
I watched the video again, this time I jerked off watching it.
I never mentioned it to her, it does not bother me knowing she is doing it. She has never had another client at home, but I am hoping she does again.

Nov 5, 2019

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  • I’m a massage therapist and I admit that I have male clients asking me if I give happy endings all the time. Of all the men (About 100) who have asked me, I’ve only given a release to 8. Of these 8 guys 5 are clients that I have had for years and I have known them longer than I have known my husband. The other 3 are recent clients that I’ve met a couple of times. They are young and sweet, good looking and fit and have erections the entire time that they lie on their backs. It’s hard to relax when you have blood rushing to your genitals and you are preoccupied. So I asked, “Do you want me to help you relax before we continue your front?” They all respectfully say PLEASE, and it helps the session go smoothly. I cover them immediately after they release and clean up and continue with the therapeutic massage. The only reason I continue to do this for them is because I CHOOSE TO, and not because a perverted husband is filming me. My husband asked me once if I give happy ending massages, my response was a swift kick to his b****, and a reply “How’s that for a happy ending for ya?” He hasn’t asked me since. This is not a part of my job and what my husband doesn’t know won’t harm him.

  • This s*** *does* happen though it shouldn't as it's inappropriate. I dated a guy who was a massage therapist, but dumped him when I picked him up from work and his hands smelled like p****.

  • I often fantasize about my wife working at massage parlours, as I frequent them often. I truly believe that couples that play together, stay together. I‘ve taken her to her to see male strippers on a couple of occasions on the premise that I get aroused bring around h**** women, but the truth is that I get super aroused when she is around naked men. I wish I didn’t have to be sneaky about it and that she would get off on it too. I’ve tried getting her to go for a private dance while there, but for the moment I just fantasize about her jerking off when of those bad boys in a back room! She gets timid when we are there for some reason?

  • Get all you can as this great opportunities don't last forever. I'd get my wife stoned and a little drunk and had anonymous young men who love to bang married women in front of their husbands meet us in a motel room and stretch her nicely. She always had increasingly loud orgasams with excited me to no end.

  • Yeah!

  • This is such a hot story. I would totally get off too. My wife used to have phone s** with her old boyfriend while I was at work. I bought a handheld Zoom recorder, and recorded all day while I was gona, day after day... When I would get home every night after work, I would upload the audio files to my computer, and then listen to them while I was at work.

    I must admit, I didn't get a whole lot of work done while I was j********** to my wife and her old boyfriend having phone s**. Sometimes, she wouyld have him on speaker phone (especially when they would c** together), and that would get me off so hard, since I could hear him wanting to f*** her so bad, but she is mine.

    I'm getting really turned on right now, just thinking about it. In fact, I think I'm going to go have a listen, and j******* right now.

  • You're a lucky man. She sounds like she's open sexually; you two must have a grest s** life.

  • I agree that having a wife working in an erotic massage parlor is hot. I never witnessed her at work, although I saw her in action at a swinger party once. At the massage parlor she gave hj's and bj's and occasionally allowed men to lick between her legs, each activity going up in price (tips). Unlike some of the other women, my wife insists she refused to f***, even when offered much more money. She'd sometimes j*** me off while telling me about her 'hard' day at work.

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